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The QMALL Crypto Exchange To Launch the Biggest Launchpad in EU and Add Euro Trading Pairs

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QMALL keeps going strong and surprises its customers with a rather pleasant announcement as it’ll be soon receiving a license in Europe.

The exchange created by Mykola Udianskyi and Bohdan Prylepa in 2021 has already proven itself as a top exchange worldwide with over 100k users already partaking in it.

On top of its already crushing global success, by the end of March, QMALL will head to Sophia Antipolis, the French analogue of Silicon Valley, where the largest Launchpad for European projects will be set in place by QMALL.

Launchpads are platforms for launching cryptocurrency projects and a trend that has been rather prominent in the crypto sphere recently. By purchasing the project’s digital assets at its earliest stages, investors can potentially earn tons of money. In this particular sphere, since earnings have no real limit, when a project is truly successful investors see their invested sum grow hundredfold.

According to the QMALL team, new projects will see the light of day through this Launchpad every week. This process will effectively promote startups and business launching, because for once, people will have enough chances to get started and not be stuck in a loop of “apply but there’s not enough spots.”

The launchpad is bound to bring with it a lot of growth potential and open up opportunities for those in need, it’s the key that many couldn’t previously afford but can now finally grasp. On top of that, since a European license will be given to QMALL and it’ll be moving to France, the team has also announced the launch of a trading pair with the euro. It’s quite safe to assume that there will be a significant increase in the price of the QMALL Token seeing how many things are about to come in place in the near future.

QMALL and Its Products

QMALL creates innovative products that make the process of paying and accounting for cash and non-cash payments simple and convenient. Thanks to its features and innovative ideas, QMALL has reached the top and became the first in its niche. Millions of users of the exchange are there for the convenience and reliability of its products. QMALL aims to become the very first cryptocurrency exchange to launch its own metaverse. The digital world knows no limits and the metaverse goes perfectly well with digital assets, it only makes sense doesn’t it?

QMALL’s Benefits

Low fees: the specific amount depends on a number of factors, in particular, on the trading pair, the volume of transactions, etc., and ranges from 0 to 0.5%. Depending on the currency, commissions for deposits and withdrawals can vary from 0 to 2%.

Security:  QMALL uses automatic DDoS protection, creates daily backups, and makes it so that two-factor authentication (2FA) is a mandatory security requirement for clients. On top of that, 98% of the funds’ storage is carried out in a “cold” way. In other terms, QMALL keeps its customers’ assets offline.

Modern trading tools: QMALL not only offers a wide range of tools that would typically be necessary for an experienced trader, such as advanced charts, but is also perfectly adapted to the needs of beginners by maximizing convenience, simplicity, and clarity.





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