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The Daily Encrypt may gather some personal information from you when you visit our website. This information is kept confidential and only used to monitor website traffic and analyze usage.

What’s collected when you visit The Daily Encrypt is essentially the same as it would be for all websites that monitor their own analytics. Your IP address, geographical location, language, and so forth. The Daily Encrypt utilizes Google Analytics to monitor traffic and pages of interest.

We only collect your name and email address if you decide to leave a comment on any of our articles. Your email address is kept confidential and your name will appear above your comment as you typed it in.

That aside, the policy only encompasses It does not apply to the websites we link to in our posts.

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XRP price rises as payment giant accepts 4000 applicants for $250 million NFT fund

The recent price drop in Ripple has helped to recover the price of the cryptocurrency. Thousands of applicants waited for the $250 million NFT fund creator fund.
The payment giant offered tokenization benefits to users in XRP for their projects.
Ripple’s creator fund was a platform for award-winning artists and entrepreneurs to interact with each other, resulting in a bullish narrative among XRP owners.

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OpenSea Faces $1M Lawsuit Over Hacked Bored Ape

A now former Bored Ape Yacht Club owner is entering uncharted territory this week and filing a lawsuit against leading NFT marketplace OpenSea. The move comes after the former Bored Ape owner was subject to an exploit on the platform that involved inactive listings, and led to hackers being able to ‘purchase’ the Ape for

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