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The Endless Expanse is Set to Launch their Mutant Soldiers NFT Collection

NFTs have been steadily rising over the past few years, with the most expensive NFT selling for $532 million. With massive sales like that, it...
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NFTs have been steadily rising over the past few years, with the most expensive NFT selling for $532 million. With massive sales like that, it is safe to say that the popularity of NFTs will continue to rise and reach new peaks while also finding new and exciting use cases.

One of the more recent projects that are beginning to collect some steam is the Mutant Soldier collection by Endless Expanse.

The Mutant Soldiers NFTs are a collection of mutant chimp soldiers born in a time known as the “The Endless Expanse.” Each NFT is mutated due to the result of biological, robotic, nanotech, and radioactive experiments, with the art depicting these mutations.

The Mutant Soldier NFTs are an interesting and fun spin on the “ape” NFTs that are among some of the most popular and prominent collections within the space. One of the most significant examples of this is the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs, a collection of 10,000 unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Mutant Soldiers takes that familiar concept and adds mutations to give it a macabre and goofy feel on the already goofy concept.

Endless Expanse will be creating one other NFT collection, with the Mutant Soldiers being their first. The company seemingly has done little before the release of this NFT collection, which is the first move they have made in the digital asset space.

The Mutant Soldiers NFT Collection

Each NFT collection released by The Endless Expanse will provide token holders with a slew of great privileges, including the Mutant Soldiers NFTs. The privileges Endless Expanse token holders will benefit from are:

Token holders will receive free access to TradersSynergy. TradersSynergy looks to be a gateway to financial freedom for all involved. This elite trading group focuses on digital assets to facilitate investors to take their investments to the next level.  Users will benefit from two very important features, including the ability to shadow copy successful trades and an auto trading algorithm that allows them to profit.

Revenue from the sale of NFTs will be reinvested into upcoming projects, businesses and digital asset ventures, directly benefiting their community. On top of that, NFT holders will receive a percentage of the profits, which will be airdropped directly into their digital asset wallets.

Within Endless Expanse’s investment structure, token holders will also receive high levels of benefits based on their NFT ownership tier. By purchasing the Mutant Soldiers collection, you will get in on the first round of fundraising that invests eighty percent of the funds into a hedge fund system.

The  Endless Expanses investment structure works like this:

Tier 1  Holders with 1 NFT will receive 0.005 percent of benefits.
Tier 2 – Holders with 5 NFT will receive 0.030 percent of benefits
Tier 3 – Holders with 10 NFT will receive 0.065 percent of benefits

For example, if in two weeks Endless Expanse earns $50, 000, if you own:

Holders of 1 NFT: $50, 000 x 0.005 % = $2.5
Holders of 5 NFTs: $50, 000 x 0.030 % = $15
Holders of 10 NFTs: $50, 000 x 0.065 % = $32.5

These numbers show that they will give more than 50% of their earnings back to token holders.

How The Endless Expanse Works

Endless Expanse will be creating a personalized dashboard that will provide users access to all of their investments. When a token holder benefits from Endless Expanse’s investment structure, it will be viewable from their dashboard. Holders of Endless Expanse’s NFTs and those who are just interested will be able to view their data, ensuring that they provide complete transparency.

Token holders will have their rewards airdropped every second Sunday. Because of how the system functions, if someone purchases an NFT within those two weeks, they will only receive rewards the following two-week cycle.

As mentioned previously, the Mutant Soldiers NFTs is the first collection from Endless Expanse, but they have plans to create another in the future.








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