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The Bitcoin Collective and OKX to launch the UK’s first major Bitcoin conference

The inaugural instalment of the conference will see a host of international authors, experts and visionaries assemble to address a crowd of 800 in Edinburgh...
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UK’s first major Bitcoin conference

Press Release — OKX, the world-leading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency platform, today announced that it is partnering with The Bitcoin Collective to launch the UK’s first global Bitcoin conference.

To be held at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh on October 21 and 22 this year, the conference aims to educate and inform to help power a financial and technological revolution across the UK. Built from the result of grassroots community efforts, the conference has attracted high-profile speakers from across the globe that include Jeff Booth, Lawrence Lepard and Natalie Brunell, among others.

Haider Rafique, Chief Marketing Officer, OKX, said: “The UK has a thriving Bitcoin community, and this conference is very well timed against the backdrop of a building phase for the market. This is a time when we should all come together, share ideas, and incubate new products and services to prepare ourselves for the next chapter. We are excited to be a leading sponsor for this conference, and to participate in educating and encouraging the next generation of developers and entrepreneurs to come and build in this industry. OKX is out to create a generation of responsible, well-informed long-term traders, and the fact that The Bitcoin Collective have the same vision is what makes us so thrilled to be helping make this conference a reality.”

Topics covered at the conference will include the genesis of Bitcoin, The Bitcoin Network, blockchain, Bitcoin as sound money and the future of Bitcoin. The first in a series of annual events, the conference is designed to educate everyday people on sound money principles and relatable macroeconomics.

Jordan Walker, CEO, The Bitcoin Collective, said, “Bitcoin is for everyone. I think many are feeling the effects of rising prices and the cost of living crisis around the world—and especially in the UK—but maybe don’t completely understand why this is happening. When fancy words like macroeconomics and sound money are used, things can get confusing. But understanding how money works has never been so important.

“This conference is not about the broader term ‘cryptocurrency’, but rather solely about Bitcoin. However, it’s not about buying or investing in Bitcoin—that’s a whole different discussion. Our focus is on education, so make sure to bring a notebook and pen! Looking over the list of incredible speakers we have assembled still blows my mind, and I can’t wait to see this community of open-minded people come together later this year!”

The conference seeks to differentiate between Bitcoin and crypto to educate on the sound money principles of Bitcoin. It also aims to capture as many diverse participants as possible both on and off the stage, with Bitcoin Collective Operations Director Lucy-Rose Walker saying this is because The Bitcoin Collective believes that “Bitcoin is for all, and does not differentiate between gender, race or religion.”

OKX, a major global exchange, is harnessing its international network and expert personnel to support the grassroots Bitcoin movement in the UK. As it looks to bring better accessibility and educational resources to a global user-base, OKX will continue to empower the international Bitcoin community to deliver responsible trading principles.

Bitcoin Collective founders Jordan Walker, Jim Duffy and Lucy-Rose Walker are the Bitcoin advocates behind The Bitcoin Collective podcast.

About OKX

Since 2017, OKX has served a global community of people who share a common interest in participating in a new financial system that is designed to be a level playing field for everyone. Beyond the OKX trading app, the OKX Wallet is our latest offering for people looking to explore the world of NFTs and the metaverse while trading GameFi and DeFi tokens.

About The Bitcoin Collective

Every once in a while on our planet an individual, a group or a technology creates change for good and a paradigm shift. We believe Bitcoin has that potential. But, as a technology it needs people’s energy. The Bitcoin Collective, founded by Jordan Walker, Jim Duffy and Lucy-Rose Walker, is committed to creating an inclusive environment for an honest and open dialogue about the enormous potential of Bitcoin. Over the next five years we plan to deliver inspirational Bitcoin Conferences in the UK. We will support a grassroots movement with local Bitcoin groups in towns and cities across the UK educating those old and young with an aim of inspiring new Bitcoiners. is the No1 source for all things crypto-related. Contact to discuss press releases, sponsored posts, Reviews and more. is the No1 source for all things crypto-related. Contact to discuss press releases, sponsored posts, Reviews and more.

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