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Smart Donation Coin (SDC) The First Coin to Help Bloggers Monetize Content

Two parties are required to create digital content: content creators and advertisers. This market is made up of creators who create in-demand content and advertisers...
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Two parties are required to create digital content: content creators and advertisers. This market is made up of creators who create in-demand content and advertisers who buy advertising materials to attract the attention and support the bloggers. The market for these advertising materials grows by 9.5% each year and its capitalization will be 24,160,000 US Dollars by 2027.

Does the growth of the market lead to a rise in income for content creators?

Not always, unfortunately. Although social media networks can make a lot from advertising, creators only get a small portion of this revenue. Many content creators are unable to recoup their efforts until they have a large number of subscribers.

What if you don’t have 1,000,000 Instagram fans yet?

You have two options: wait patiently for the first advertiser to write, or you can make money now by doing simple tasks offered by advertisers. Even if you only have 1000 subscribers. This post will inform you about a project which creates such an opportunity.

Smart Donation Coin: Easy monetization for Influencers

Smart Donation Coin, a DeFi project on Binance Smart Chain blockchain that allows bloggers to make money from their content, is called Smart Donation Coin. Creators can earn passive income doing what they love with the help of simple donations and monetization. The platform searches for advertisers and posts advertising tasks through a simple interface. A blogger simply needs to complete the task in which he or she’s interested.

Smart Donation Coin functions as an advertising exchange but does not have the same disadvantages as non-crypto currency services. The BSC blockchain’s low gas fees allow you to minimize commissions. You can make the exchange between advertiser and creator as transparent as possible with the decentralized structure.

The Smart Donation Coin platform allows you to pay by using unfreezing pre-charged SDC coins. Below are more details.

1. Connect to your Account

Bloggers can register on the Smart Donation Coin website to request account verification. You will need to attach a link from your main account to the content you wish to monetize. There are many social media networks you can connect to: YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, Telegram, Telegram, Tiktok, Twitter, Telegram, Twitter, Telegram, and Telegram. Depending on community wishes, the rest of social networks may be added in the future.

2. Crypto Wallet Connection

While your account is being verified you can connect a bank account. The Smart Donation Coin platform is powered by BSC. You can connect a cold type wallet Trust Wallet. After completing the verification, this option will allow you to receive your tokens.

3. Accrual of Tokens

SDC tokens will immediately be credited to you wallet after verification. Your audience determines the number of tokens you will receive. It is approximately 1/10. If you have 10,000 YouTube subscribers, you will get 1,000 SDC tokens. These tokens can be frozen, which means that they cannot be exchanged for any other asset. These tokens are not transferable to other assets.

4. Tokens Unfreezing

A blogger can complete simple advertising tasks to unfreeze tokens. A predetermined number of tokens can be unfrozen after completing each task. This allows them to be traded for other cryptocurrency or used for stakes.

Yes, Smart Donation Coin will allow you to stake! This will allow bloggers to make passive income, as well as anyone else interested. It is possible to make passive income by purchasing SDC tokens.

Smart Donation Coin’s main goal is to build a community of creators and subscribers who are able to communicate, follow and monetize their blogs. This will open up new opportunities for those who pursue their dreams and live a free and independent lifestyle.

You can find more information about Smart Donation Coin here:

Website — White Paper — Telegram — Twitter – 





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