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Dolia Cats NFT Review: The Next Bored Ape Yacht Club?

NFTs are hotter than the sun, and collections are selling out like hot cakes outside a diabetic clinic. What’s more, NFTs are skyrocketing in value,...
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NFTs are hotter than the sun, and collections are selling out like hot cakes outside a diabetic clinic. What’s more, NFTs are skyrocketing in value, especially those that have an added value, such as being your ticket to an epic metaverse filled with kitties doing all sorts of degenerate activities.

CryptoKitties arguably kicked off the NFT space back in 2017, and they quite literally blew up Ethereum. Now, the NFT space is saturated with collections featuring all sorts of weird and crazy animals, but cats started this epic world, and cats are back to take over the NFT space once again. And we’ve got a sneaky hunch the Dolia Cats won’t let it go without a cat fight – MEOW!

What the NFT are Dolia Cats?

 You might be thinking, “ohh great, another NFT project”, and we totally get that. But, Dolia Cats NFT collection stands out from the clowder, tall and proud. You see, Dolia Cats isn’t a regular NFT collection, it’s an NFT collection packing an epic backstory, cute artwork, a hard-capped collection, visionary tokenomilks, and play2earn games.

Legend has it the Dolia Cats fled their homeworld, MeoWorld, as a cataclysm engulfed the entire planet. Only 9,999 Dolia Cats managed to escape, throwing what items they could carry into their spacecraft. After traveling the galaxy for eons, they finally landed here on Earth, settling in the laps of humans.

Each of the 9,999 Dolia Cats is unique thanks to its programmatic generation, picking from a pool of more than 150 assets. Dolia Cats can have up to 7 traits, creating millions of potential combinations. Each Dolia Cat is randomly generated upon minting, meaning that you are guaranteed to get the rarest Dolia Cat the world has ever seen!

The Dolia Cats NFT collection was inspired by legendary artist Daniil Dolia’s very own clowder. With 9 kitties at home, cats are always the only thing on Daniil Dolia’s mind. Owning a Dolia Cat will cast you into a cat-filled metaverse, known affectionately as the Meowverse where you can care for your NFT kitties, hang out with other Dolia Cat owners, and even earn MEELK through exciting play2earn games. In the near future Dolia Cats will also be launching mobile games, 3D printed cats, and some epic Instagram AR effects that you can use to jazz up your next selfie!

Dolia Cats are more than just an NFT collection. They’re your ticket to cat heaven!


We’re going hot and heavy with the cat puns, and you can’t stop us. Don’t like it? Then you hate cats! MEELK will be the primary token used in the Meowverse, so you’ll want to get your hands on some MEELK if you’re going to become somebody in this virtual world. You can do this by buying MEELK or winning it by playing epic play2earn games. These games are all home-grown, crafted with the same care and love that Daniil Dolia gives to his clowder. Whether you’re purring to fame and fortune with Flappy Kitties or shooting your way to riches in Cat Invader, you’ll be earning precious MEELK tokens. MEELK is key to having fun in the Meowverse, so you’ll need to lap some up ASAP!

As for the tokenomilks, it is all based around the supply and usage of MEELK. Owning MEELK allows you to buy in-game items, such as land, cattributes, and perks. By spending your MEELK tokens, your NFT becomes more valuable and at the same time, you rise to the top of the all-time leaderboard. If you’re feeling generous, or simply have a ton of MEELK to spare, you can opt to donate it to a real-world cat rescue charity. If those tokenomilks haven’t got your ears up, then nothing will!

Why Should I Get a Dolia Cats NFT?

 There are a million reasons why you should, no, need to get your hands on a Dolia Cat NFT, but a few stand out from the rest. The Dolia Cats community is incredibly tight-knit, it’s just like one big happy family. Everyone looks out for one another, helping, and teaching where needed. An NFT project is nothing without its community, and Dolia Cats’ community is second to none. In fact, people are drawing comparisons between the Dolia Cats community and Bored Ape Yacht Club!



Aside from strong family values, the Meowverse is the ONLY metaverse for cats. You won’t find any other metaverse out there dedicated to cats, so if you’re a cat lover, this is the only metaverse on your radar. But this hasn’t let the team be complacent. Not content on being the best pet-focused metaverse, but Dolia Cats’ NFT collection is set on becoming the number 1 in the world – move over BAYC, we’re coming for you.

Throw in a mint volume with a hard cap of 9,999 (because cats have 9 lives), and you’ve got all the ingredients for the most successful NFT collection the world has ever seen. There will only be 9,999 Dolia Cats and no more – ever. Once they’re minted, it’s over. You’ll then have to pay whatever the market decides, which if our predictions are correct, could cost you an arm and a leg. So, don’t hang around, get your paws on the hottest NFT collection since BAYC.

Dolia Cats Are Going to the Moon!

The Dolia Cats NFT collection presale goes live in a matter of a few days. It’s going to be the greatest thing that’s ever happened to the crypto, blockchain, and NFTs – make sure you’re a part of that hype by signing up for the whitelist. Dolia Cats is everything CryptoKitties couldn’t become and certain trophies are already available on Opensea. It’s the NFT collection to end all NFT collections. In fact, Dolia Cats is so determined to raise the bar that the projects coming next will need to start building from Alpha Centauri!






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