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Best Cardano-Based Options In 2022

Cardano Blockchain is providing cryptocurrency-based project developers with an alternative to Ethereum Blockchain. Several projects have been built on the former as proof of its...
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Cardano Blockchain is providing cryptocurrency-based project developers with an alternative to Ethereum Blockchain. Several projects have been built on the former as proof of its efficiency.

This article gives a list of three of the top 3 Cardano-based projects that cryptocurrency investors should take a look at in 2022:

1. Ravendex

This decentralized exchange is in a world of its own. Ravendex doesn’t keep users’ private keys but transfers ownership to them for better control of their assets.

It operates on the Cardano Blockchain with the aid of the Automated Market Maker protocol that allows it to provide super-fast asset trading at a predetermined price.

While highlighting its uniqueness, the team explained that it prioritizes digital assets lending and borrowing, one of the reasons why the exchange is popular among crypto lovers who need a credible exchange for cryptocurrency transactions.

It supports its mission with the Alonzo Hard Fork where users can deposit assets with the aid of smart contracts and receive returns on their investment in line with some established rules and regulations.

Ravendex also allows its users to either trade or swap native tokens effortlessly, while it leverages its eUTXO feature to encourage exchanges to pool liquidity.

2. Ardana

This is a Cardano-based collateral-backed project with a difference. Leading the stablecoins campaign, it serves as a secure place to store and preserve assets’ values, even in a volatile market.

Ardana is the basic foundation for the DUSD stablecoin on the Cardano Blockchain. Some of its multipurpose uses include transfers, lending, minting and staking.

As an exchange, Ardana is designed for users to swap stable assets and stablecoin, including wrapped or synthetic Bitcoin, without experiencing much slippage. The project also boasts DanaSwap pool where users can earn on their deposited assets.

It is also a financial institution where DUSD loans are available for interested investors who can present ADA assets as collateral. The decision is based on ADA’s growing popularity and appreciation among cryptocurrency investors.

Decentralized Finance projects that are struggling with growth and stability on the Cardano Blockchain can turn to ADA for assistance as the project is designed to help them achieve these objectives.

3. OccamFi

OccamFi is a unique player in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. It beats off competition by combining most of its competitors’ major features to offer its users nothing but the best user experience.

Launchpad capabilities, DEX tools, and a liquidity tool are some of what the project offers as it counts on its awesome qualities to position itself as one of the leading lights in the Cardano DeFi ecosystem.

As a versatile launchpad, OccamFi supports an impressive array of DeFi applications. Users can also exchange or lend/borrow digital assets on the platform where DeFi project developers can source funds through the exchange.

Although it has given a good account of itself, the Occamfi team is aiming higher. It intends to launch a DEX shortly to give its users the best services in the sector.


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