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Denis Seleznev, The 17-Year-Old Founder Behind The Web3 Super-Platform

Albert Einstein once said, “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” Who better than the new-age entrepreneurs to get this right? Denis Seleznev, a 17-year-old teenager behind Deedy – a web3 super-platform that aims to be an open portal for the metaverse. The 17-year-old is riding the crypto wave with a charm and getting the table ready for his community-driven venture Deedy.

Story of Denis Seleznev – the face behind Deedy

Born in Russia and raised in London, Denis was 12 when he discovered the beauty of cryptoverse during the 2017 bull run. Denis started making dimes by trading crypto soon after. This was when Denis moved past leveraged trading and shifted his focus on creating a platform that would address the present shortcomings of the crypto space.

Denis’s accomplishments were evidently impressive for a teenager but did not stop the young entrepreneur. Denis asserts that being exposed to crypto space at a young age made him envision a brighter future of the cryptoverse. The same exposure helped Denis look past the mediocre advancements and enabled him to look through the lenses of a new-age user. In one of Denis’s interviews, he said, “It struck me that people could become freer. Use their own money, be their own banks. Communicate without censorship – truly be themselves online. The principles Satoshi Nakamoto outlined in the original Bitcoin white paper,”

Deedy – A Web3 Super-Platform

Denis’s passion for the crypto space pushed him to create a platform that would turn his principles into reality. Denis grew a massive inclination towards the concept of Metaverse and sensed how it could broadly transform socializing. Deedy is a result of months of market research and understanding a user’s pain point. Presently, the industry lacks liquidity, customer service, and inclusivity. While some platforms are extremely overwhelming to navigate, others are not internationalized enough.

Excessive use of jargon and lack of guides have kept a potential chunk of masses away from the metaverse. Denis aimed to create a platform that enables the masses to conveniently connect with Web3 projects by providing a safe and secure technical architecture. Deedy is creating a multi-chain platform that simplifies entering the Metaverse. The platform would act like a portal that will enable people to enter the space by breaking down the process bit by bit. It would help a user navigate the space and also buy, lend, trade, and rent their digital assets like NFTs through a viable web3 ecosystem.

In one of his statements, Denis explains the idea, stating, “Web 3.0 will undoubtedly be the next evolution of the internet. Creators will generate income and receive proper credit for their work because Web 3.0 is all about enshrining the principle of ownership. This shift is already underway – just look at last year’s NFT boom,”

Deedy aims to simplify blockchain for anyone unfamiliar with the industry and present blockchain protocols with a friendly interface. Users of Deedy can become a creator, buy or sell NFTs, generate passive income, showcase NFTs, monetize hobbies and do a lot more. The platform is redefining ownership by giving creators what they deserve by making the economy rewarding. Denis also emphasized merging decentralized finance with NFTs and creating next-generation financial projects. As per the roadmap, Deedy is on time to make metaverse an accessible space for all. The platform is set to be released in the second quarter of 2022.

Denis’s passion to transform the space is beyond wealth and fame. It is for time to show us how far this shining star goes.

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