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Crypto Under Scrutiny, Documentary Will Show Its True Face?

VICE News and Motherboard announced a partnership that resulted in a new documentary series on crypto. Called CRYPTOLAND, the documentary series was shot across several...
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VICE News and Motherboard announced a partnership that resulted in a new documentary series on crypto. Called CRYPTOLAND, the documentary series was shot across several locations around the world.

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It aims at digging further into the crypto industry and how it has moved from the Silk Road to supporting billions of dollars in daily trading volume. The series it’s expected to premiere tomorrow, Thursday 10th, 2022.

Joseph Cox, the journalist at Motherboard, summarized the documentary as the story behind the Bitcoin mining industry, the fallout post-China’s ban on this sector, the wealth created with digital assets, and the way sex workers, often impacted by the censorship imposed by the legacy financial system, use BTC.

The documentary will also investigate the early days of the crypto industry as it will use material from the 2013 Bitcoin Conference. As Cox said, BTC’s price was trading at around $118 at that time.

In less than a decade, Bitcoin and the crypto market reached and surpass the $1 trillion milestones in terms of total market cap, but has the industry matured beyond that? The documentary will attempt to respond to this and other questions. Cox added via his Twitter account:

(…) CRYPTOLAND, a series that we think cuts through the hype and knee-jerk reactions about cryptocurrency to show how it’s affecting the world today, and what it might look like tomorrow. Culture, politics, economies, society, the planet, physical infrastructure.

The documentary series will mark yet another milestone on the coverage provided by Motherboard and VICE News on digital assets and their industry. The media outlets have been reporting on the sector, as a separate report added, for a while.

From the block size wars, one of the most important events in Bitcoin’s history and future, the surge of blockchain-based products during the 2017 bull-run, called Initial Coin Offer (ICO) craze, and for the NFT craze. The report added:

While many people still wonder if cryptocurrency is the future, we know that it’s also profoundly affecting our world today, right now, all over the place.

A Fresh Angle On The Crypto Industry?

The documentary series was filmed, as the report claims, on a Bitcoin mining operation sharing a space with a fracking company in West Texas, the United States. Also, in a Bitcoin mining operation in New York where his recently elected Mayor Eric Adams seems to have backtracked on his pro-crypto stand.

In addition, journalists went to Liberland, a crypto-only nation in Europe, and to Puerto Rico in the Caribbean Sea to explore the riches and excesses created by this industry, and other locations. The documentary series will consist of an initial first season with 8 episodes and it will introduce concepts, ideas, and will provide the viewer with the context to grasp the history and ethos of this industry.

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At the time of writing, Bitcoin trades at $41,925 with an 8.3% profit in the last 24-hours.

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