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C4W Aims To Help Crypto-Friendly People Generate Passive Income

Today, many investors desire to make passive income by investing in cryptocurrencies, but the technical nature of the industry keeps the majority at bay to...

Today, many investors desire to make passive income by investing in cryptocurrencies, but the technical nature of the industry keeps the majority at bay to generate profits.

C4W, also known as Crypto4Winners, is a unique investment platform that actively manages users’ crypto funds in an investment strategy and trading to generate passive income without requiring you to scratch your head.

The firm works as an asset manager and ensures transparent trading with algorithmic trading solutions, artificial intelligence, and bots. Also, the investment type is decentralised, and the company is partnered with a ledger to store funds in cold storage. And Chainalysis audits the transactions in C4W’s boundaries.

Notably, C4W keeps half of the fund into cold storage and actively manages another half in trading. This adds an extra security layer to prevent cyber attacks.

It is the only platform of its kind and attracted many investors with its trading strategies to generate passive incomes.

Exclusively investing in cryptocurrency does not guarantee a return. Even you can lose an amount after holding a cryptocurrency for a long time. On the other hand, investments in DeFi and CeFi projects offer meagre returns.

Unlike others, C4W is a platform where professional traders and programmers navigate investment funds and ensure a return in Bitcoin and Ethereum. The minimum investment this C4W fund requires is equal to 0.03 BTC.

BTC, ETH, And Global Crypto Pools

The first-ever fund C4W introduced in July 2019 was a Bitcoin pool. And it always kept 50% BTC into cold storage and split the other 50% between expert traders for daily trading activities. So at any point in time, one trader is always betting on cryptocurrencies to reap profits in peak hours of a coin price.

After getting popular with its Bitcoin pool, C4W came out with an Ethereum fund. It has the same characteristics as the company’s first pool had. The amount of investment in the Ethereum fund is the only difference. It required 1.0 ETH instead of 0.03 BTC.

In January 2022, C4W launched a new fund named Global Crypto Pool, which allows investing garner funds in multiple strategies. It provides users’ assets with a diversified portfolio. Taking part in the part requires only 10.000$, and investment strategies one can use are staking, holding, trading, and yield farming.

The team behind operating these funds includes highly qualified professionals who understand blockchain and asset management, the internet, and new technologies. That means IT, developers, expert traders, and business developers maintain the risk and make a fundamental analysis on underlying projects, so the chances for profits to grow.

C4W Key Features

When it comes to fees, the platform works on a win-win model. It means that investors will have to pay only a performance fee while there’s no fee for management, entry, or exit.

C4W has partnered with Vault Ledger and stores 50% of funds into cold storage to ensure the fund’s security.

The platform brings transparency by giving users 24/7 access to their dashboard. This feature enables one to see his trading portfolio with real-time values of the assets.

Similarly, it makes customer support available 24/7 so that users can get help at any time.

C4W also provides an opportunity to earn via referral commission. It offers a 10% investment of recruited investment as net referral commission. The dashboard shows that income separately, and there’s no limit on recruiting others and earning.

The platform charges a 20% performance fee on the BTC and ETH trade that saw profits. In addition, a 50% performance fee gets applied in the Global Crypto Pool for monthly net incomes.

Visit official C4W website for more information:

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