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Win a MASERATI MC Special Edition as Race-to-Earn Game ANTEFAME Celebrates MASERATI Partnership

Start building your roster of rookies, vets, and rising drivers and be a part of an exciting game universe thanks to AnteFame, a race-to-earn (a...
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Start building your roster of rookies, vets, and rising drivers and be a part of an exciting game universe thanks to AnteFame, a race-to-earn (a play on “play-to-earn”) club with two main components: a motorsport fantasy league and a sim-racing league; and also get a chance to participate in an exciting and grand competition to win a Maserati Levante MC Special Edition.

AnteFame – Play-to-Earn Motorsport Fantasy League and Sim-Racing eSport

Welcome to club AnteFame, an exciting prospect to earn by playing in a motorsport fantasy league and a sim-racing league. AnteFame is being launched by the former Vice President of Top Gear at BBC Studios and a professional driver and now talent manager. The foundation of AnteFame is simple and is based on the concept of meritocracy: if you can dream it, AnteFame helps you achieve it, provided someone can demonstrate that they work hard to attain and reach a certain level of performance. Initially, this starts in motorsport and later will extend to other sectors.

Joining AnteFame means entering an exclusive club composed of world-class teams in motorsport with whom AnteFame has signed partnerships and brought on more than 100 drivers. You will surely like the game if you like the Netflix series Drive to Survive.

The game itself is not complicated, and it is divided into two sections – a motorsport fantasy league where the participant plays the role of a team owner and a sim-racing league that is an eSport experience where players race against other in a 3D game based on two series: NASCAR & GT3. As a team owner, the players experience creating and owning a racing team in the fantasy league—the player scouts for drivers in disciplines like F1 and more. The performance of the drivers that the player chooses, in real life, is indexed on the teams’ score. Thus, the better a player is a scout, the better the picked drivers perform during the race week, the higher the score of the team and the more rewards earned – distributed in the form of non-fungible tokens monthly and annually, based on the tier that the player belongs to. (Novice, Rookie, Confirmed, Veteran, and Legend) Some drivers will also provide their collectable non-fungible token that will act as a booster of score in the fantasy league.

The club also rewards ANTE tokens based on points awarded – calculated from actual race results & the tokens are given out monthly and annually. ANTE tokens are used as the medium of exchange in AnteFame and are supported through several features – from being awarded to players for completing player milestones to buying NFTs.

In AnteFame, players can stake their ANTE tokens in their wallets. The rewards are paid out automatically monthly into their wallets. The prize pool is 45M tokens per year/approx. $3M. Join the club today and be part of an exciting game by purchasing one of four NFT passes, with the purchase beginning with the Rookie pass on February 17th.

How You Can Win a Maserati Levante MC Special Edition

AnteFame is proud to announce a partnership with the legendary Italian car manufacturer Maserati. Maserati has a rich racing heritage and will return to racing in 2023, in the Formula E championship that AnteFame offers in the Fantasy league. To celebrate this return to racing, AnteFame and Maserati have partnered to offer real-world racing experiences as rewards to participants in the Fantasy and Sim-Racing leagues.

To participate in the competition and win a Maserati Levante MC Special Edition, participants must purchase an AnteFame NFT Rookie Pass. The NFT Rookie Pass is available for public sale from February 17th, with a 10% discount for readers until February 20th. Only 5999 are available, so don’t miss the opportunity to participate and purchase it as soon as possible to be part of something fascinating. Only a few Levante Special Editions exist globally, and one owner of the AnteFame NFT Rookie Pass will be able to walk away with a limited-edition vehicle.

The terms of the competition are simple: Additional to your pass benefits, don’t you just love a good sweepstakes? When all pass sales have been completed, an NFT containing a passphrase for a crypto wallet will be randomly sent to one of the pass owners. Don’t sit around & be left out, buy your NFT pass now at: 10% discount for readers until February 20th

Maserati Corse: two words that spell out performance, victory and audacious driving.
The new Maserati MC Edition is the continuation of a story that began at the starting line of the Targa Florio over 95 years ago.

— Maserati (@Maserati_HQ) February 2, 2022

To learn more about the project visit the website, and follow the team on social media.

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