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VAF Compliance Is a Forensic Service Provider That Can Help You Pass KYC/AML for Crypto Banking

At VAF Compliance a team of experts is ready to help with all of your virtual assets compliance needs. Connect with VAF today; the leading...
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At VAF Compliance a team of experts is ready to help with all of your virtual assets compliance needs. Connect with VAF today; the leading virtual assets compliance company serving the Middle East and customers worldwide.

What Is VAF Compliance?

The crypto, NFT and metaverse spaces are hot and buzzing, with innovative products launched almost daily. Whilst having an industry swept with technological advancements is good, it is also necessary to ensure that the digital assets and the teams behind them are compliant. Being compliant in this sector means that organizations and investors can safely interact with emerging technologies such as DeFi and a risk assessment is undertaken to safeguard a business and its customers from financial crime.

VAF stands for virtual assets forensics and the team behind VAF Compliance has 10+ years of expertise in the banking and virtual assets space. Its mission and aspiration is to be the leading provider of compliance services to retail investors, banks and financial institutions. VAF Compliance operates in Dubai – the top regional area for technological developments and a city that is positioning itself to be an early adopter of blockchain and an innovation hub for fintech and crypto products.

Being licensed and based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates enables VAF Compliance to have international exposure, giving the team a chance to create tailor-made forensic reports for clients worldwide and helping them to develop long-lasting relationships with banking partners.

Gilson Ribeiro Da Costa, Co-founder and Managing Partner at VAF Compliance, added:

“The UAE is a global leader in digital assets and blockchain technology, with the recent Virtual Assets Federal License announcement and the Emirates Blockchain Strategy 2022, we now have a clear path that will reinforce the UAE as the global hub for blockchain and Virtual Assets innovation. We chose to be based in the UAE because we know that the country is working to establish a clear regulatory framework which will allow companies in the digital assets space to operate easily and with clarity. As a DIFC licensed entity, VAF Compliance acts as a trusted partner to those interested in digital assets both within the region and worldwide.

How Can VAF Help You?

Our process will help you become KYC/AML compliant in the most efficient manner.

VAF Compliance serves a broad spectrum of clients, including law enforcement agencies, government entities, NFT projects, cryptocurrency millionaires, financial institutions, banks and law firms.

The Services Which VAF Provides

Forensic Reporting

Early adopters of digital assets often have a complex transactional history. They all face the same challenge of accessing the banking industry.

VAF will build the client’s case for them, consolidate their transactional history and ensure that all wallets are KYC and KYT compliant and ready for onboarding.

The forensic reports are built by experienced compliance professionals that speak the same language as the regulators and the institutional banks.


VAF Compliance can help you become part of the mass cryptocurrency adoption. The team believes that decentralized currencies and the blockchain technology that powers them, will be the driving force that transitions us into the digital age.

• Learn how to navigate the world of cryptocurrencies

• Learn how to protect your investment

• Prepare your organization for the future

Crypto Transaction Monitoring

VAF Compliance provides you with an integrated, automated virtual asset compliance solution that is tailored to your risk appetite and enables you to meet regulatory standards. The team can:

• Screen crypto transactions for AML/CFT and sanctions risk

• Detect and analyze unusual transactions in real-time

• Create a full audit trail of virtual assets transactions

• Based on your settings, risk scores are calculated in real-time for each entity

• A business-friendly approach with a rigorous compliant monitoring system

VAF Compliance has successfully helped different clients with their token sales, transaction monitoring and other cryptocurrency-related issues. The solutions offered are comprehensive and after thorough investigative reporting, enables clients to verify their source of funds, guarantee that no illicit activities are involved and provides the entire transactional history of a client’s wallets to satisfy governmental and banking regulations. The team is skilled in helping both private clients and financial institutions. If you require a compliance solution, contact VAF Compliance.

To learn more about the service visit VAF.Global, book a phone call or send an email to Make sure to follow the team on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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