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Top 3 Cardano-Based Projects that are worth a look

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The Cardano Blockchain is gaining momentum among cryptocurrency-based project developers. Over the years, scores of projects have been built on one of the best blockchains in the cryptocurrency space.

Below are three of the best projects on the blockchain that every cryptocurrency lover should check out:

1. Ravendex

Before Ravendex came on board, cryptocurrency lending and borrowing were nonexistent. The exchange allows users to control their private keys, so they are responsible for their assets.

The exchange operates via the Automated Market Maker protocol on the Blockchain, and thus, can accelerate the rate of trading assets at a predetermined rate on the Cardano Ecosystem.

The decentralized exchange stands out from its peers. The project team explained that its primary goal is to make digital assets lending and borrowing possible on its dedicated platform. It uses the Alonzo Hard Fork to support this functionality as it allows smart contracts to deposit assets and earn interest in line with some pre-established rules.

Users on the Ravendex exchange who desire to trade or swap native tokens on a credible platform are free to make their dreams come true on the platform. Thanks to its eUTXO architecture, Ravendex allows exchanges to pool liquidity.

2. Ardana

Collateral is one of the backbones of Ardana, a decentralized exchange noted for leading the stablecoins campaign. Among other things, it’s a great place to ensure the security of stored value and ensure they don’t lose their values in any type of market, even volatile markets.

The DUSD stablecoin is a Cardano-base project, with Ardana serving as the foundation. It serves a wide range of functions that include staking, minting, lending, and transfers, giving users an array of options to choose from.

Do you want to exchange stable assets and stablecoins such as the wrapped or synthetic version of Bitcoin without subjecting your transaction to overwhelming slippage? Ardana serves this purpose too.

To earn passive income from the platform, deposit your asset in the DanaSwap pool and receive regular financial rewards for it.

It also serves as a financial institution where its users can use their ADA assets to obtain DUSD loans by taking advantage of ADA’s appreciation and utility – two selling points for cryptocurrency investors.

Cardano-based decentralized finance projects that need stability and growth can count on ADA to help them achieve their goals.

3. OccamFi

Another project that deserves your attention is the Decentralized Finance project, OccamFi. It boasts enviable features, such as a liquidity pool, launchpad capabilities, and some DEX tools.

The launchpad is the founding ground for many DeFi applications besides serving as a digital asset lending and borrowing platform. You can visit the platform if you want to fund your new Cardano-based DeFi projects.

Although it has several achievements to its name, the team plans to hike the ecosystem’s value by launching a DEX shortly.

These three projects remain the leading ones on the increasingly popular Cardano Blockchain, one of the reasons why cryptocurrency enthusiasts should check them out.





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