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The Nightly Mint: Daily NFT Recap

In the midst of geopolitical chaos, Ukraine will be the first developed country to mint their own NFTs to assist the funding of their defense...
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In the midst of geopolitical chaos, Ukraine will be the first developed country to mint their own NFTs to assist the funding of their defense against Russia. Meanwhile, things have developed in the Treasure NFT marketplace story that we covered in yesterday’s edition of The Nightly Mint.

Let’s catch up on these leading headlines for today’s NFT recap.

The Nightly Mint

Ukraine’s War Efforts & NFTs

We’ve seen a variety of crypto relief funds, as well as formal crypto leaders at major blockchains, exchanges, and elsewhere, that have utilized crypto to assist Ukraine in their fight against Russian forces. With nearly $50M in donations to crypto addresses posted by Ukraine’s official social media account, government officials had been teasing an airdrop – with limited details.

Now that plan has shifted, and instead of an airdrop, the country’s Vice Prime Minister announced this today:

After careful consideration we decided to cancel airdrop. Every day there are more and more people willing to help Ukraine to fight back the agression. Instead, we will announce NFTs to support Ukrainian Armed Forces soon. We DO NOT HAVE any plans to issue any fungible tokens

— Mykhailo Fedorov (@FedorovMykhailo) March 3, 2022

Latest Mint: Treasure Marketplace Hacker Returns NFTs

Some ‘Smol Beans,’ one of the most recognizable NFT projects on the Arbitrum-based NFT marketplace Treasure, have started to be returned earlier today following an exploit that resulted in users being able to collect over $1M worth of NFTs at no cost. Devs stated on Discord that they believed they identified and addressed the issue.

Users who do not receive their NFT will be made whole through a plan passed by community members.

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MAGIC is the native token on Arbitrum-based NFT marketplace Treasure, which saw substantial volatility in recent days following an exploit. | Source: MAGIC-USDT on

The ‘Minty Fresh’ Take

Don’t forget to keep a level head when it comes to influencers, artists, and celebrities promoting NFTs – on yesterday’s Mint, we covered news that the SEC is looking into NFT marketplaces and potentially shillers, too. Stay grounded to avoid potential rugpulls!

People trying to advertise their NFT drop by posing in front of cars or private jets is a huge red flag imo

— nathanhead.eth (@NathanHeadPhoto) March 3, 2022

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