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The cheapest Nintendo Switch bundles and deals in February 2022

Our roundup of the best Nintendo Switch bundle deals available this week, including Switch OLED, games, accessories and more....
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Looking for the best Nintendo Switch deals available this week? We’ve got them all right here, including the cheapest prices for a console by itself as well as some of the best value bundles you can buy. We check all the major retailers each week to bring you the top offers on the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch OLED and Nintendo Switch Lite. Scroll on down to see what we’ve found.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing too exciting to report for those in the US. While there are almost no discounts to speak of, the good news is that the Nintendo Switch is actually staying in stock for longer than a few hours. That’s a big improvement compared to the end of last year when it was practically impossible to buy a console after Black Friday. The supply issues are still lingering, though, so many stores just have the console at full price such as Amazon and Best Buy.

As for the UK, the biggest saving is at Amazon when you can get a Nintendo Switch for £229.95 – that’s a saving of £30 off the usual price and the cheapest we’ve ever seen the console. Don’t expect it to be around for long, though. You can also find a handful of decent bundles with top Switch games at retailers such as Very, Game and Argos.

How about Nintendo Switch OLED stock? Well, it’s still hard to find a console in the US. It regularly pops up at Amazon and Best Buy but doesn’t usually stick around for long. We suggest you check in regularly so you don’t miss out on any restocks. There’s greater availability in the UK, with lots of consoles usually in stock at all the major stores such as Amazon, Very, Argos, Game and the official My Nintendo Store.

So, it’s a case of better Nintendo Switch deals in the UK, but with improving availability we’re hoping to see things improve in the US over the coming weeks. ls may crop later in the year as stock returns to normal levels – especially in the US. If we do spot any new offers they will find their way onto this very page, so do check back soon.

The latest cheap Nintendo Switch deals

The comparison chart below will bring you the best Nintendo Switch deals on the console by itself. As stock fluctuates, however, we have seen prices rise and fall with demand. Don’t pay any more than the US MSRP of $299 and the UK RRP of £259, then, because as dire as stock may seem those costs do ultimately drop back down again with a new wave of inventory.

We’ve also got a look at the best prices for the Nintendo Switch OLED today as well. Remember, the RRP for this is $349.99 in the US and £309.99 in the UK. It’s still early days so there probably won’t be any big discounts on this new version of the console just yet.

Scroll down a little further for all the Nintendo Switch bundles on offer.

Remember, to play online multiplayer and get other benefits like free games, you’ll want to pick up a Nintendo Switch Online subscription deal as well.

Nintendo Switch bundles (USA)

Nintendo Switch (Neon): $299 at Amazon
After months of difficulties, Nintendo Switch stock is much more stable in the US right now. While there are no big bundle deals you can regularly pick up the console at Amazon. Note that delivery is slightly delayed until early March.

Nintendo Switch (Neon/Gray): $299.99 at Best Buy
If the bright colors don’t do it for you then you can instead go for the Gray version of the Nintendo Switch. It’s currently available to buy from Best Buy for the usual price of $299.99. Delivery is available a lot sooner compared to Amazon, too.

Nintendo Switch | 128GB memory card: $334.98 $319.85 at Amazon
You’re not saving too much here, but you can shave $15 off the price of a Nintendo Switch console and 128GB official Nintendo memory card when you grab both together in a bundle at Amazon. Considering stock has been so low over the last few months that’s an excellent offer, though if you’re not fussed about picking up a Nintendo branded memory card you might find better deals on generic microSD cards in the future.

Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Edition: $299.99 at Amazon
After falling out of stock for the last couple of weeks, the Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Edition is available once more at Amazon. It’s not strictly a deal, sure, but as an item with limited availability, it’s always one worth sharing – especially if you love that pastel color palette on the dock and Joy-Con. One important note: a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is not included.

Nintendo Switch (Neon) + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe + 3 Months Switch Online: $299.99 at Best Buy
The best Nintendo Switch bundle that was available to buy over Black Friday is in stock again. When a console by itself would usually set you back $299.99, the addition of both Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and a 3-month Switch Online membership shows just good value this bundle is at Best Buy.

Nintendo Switch OLED (White): $349.99 at Amazon
It’s still incredibly difficult to find the Nintendo Switch OLED in stock in the US, but the White version is currently available to order at Amazon for the recommended price of $349.99. The one caveat? Delivery isn’t until early April. At least you can get an order in here, though, to guarantee yourself a console eventually.

Nintendo Switch | Switch Online 12-Month Membership + Carry Case: £337.99 $299 at Walmart
Save $38.99
– This latest Nintendo Switch bundle deal is available exclusively at Walmart. It’s not the best we’ve seen as the Black Friday bundle included Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and a 3-Month Switch Online Membership for the same price. Many would likely prefer an actual game and less time on Nintendo’s subscription service. Still, with the lack of stock elsewhere (and the fact you’re still saving almost $40) this is your best option before Christmas.

Nintendo Switch bundles (UK)

Nintendo Switch (Grey): £259.99 £229.95 at Amazon
Save £30
– Amazon’s limited-time offer on the Nintendo Switch is back, which brings the console down to its lowest ever price. Even with the bundles we see during bigger sales events, this deal cannot be beaten. It’s only available on the Grey version of the console, though.

Nintendo Switch | Pokémon Legends Arceus: £329.98 £274.79 at Amazon
Save £55
– Here’s a great price for a Nintendo Switch console with Pokémon Legends Arceus – the latest game in the series. This is only so low while the Switch console above is discounted so grab it while you can.

Nintendo Switch | Animal Crossing New Horizons: £319.99 £286 at Very
Save £34 –
This bundle has previously been as low as £279 at Currys but it’s now available with a small discount from Very. It’s still one of the better Nintendo Switch bundles available to buy this week as it comes with a copy of the joyful lifestyle sim Animal Crossing New Horizons. There may not be a gran saving but you do get one of the console’s most popular games.

Nintendo Switch | Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: £299.98 £286 at Very
Save £13 – Another bundle that we’ve seen as low as £279 in previous sales. That’s a much rarer sight, though, given that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is so infrequently discounted. Given it’s one of the console’s most popular games, Nintendo doesn’t see a reason to reduce it often. Still, if you’re looking for a bundle that’ll get your Switch games library started off strongly then it’s an unbeatable pairing.

Nintendo Switch + Pikmin 3 Deluxe: £299.99 £269.99 at Game
Save £30 –
Get a Nintendo Switch Neon console plus the fabulous Pikmin 3 Deluxe effectively thrown in for just a £10 with this great bundle at Game. It’s not one of the console’s most premium games, but it’s still a first-party hit at a massively discounted price.

Nintendo Switch OLED: £309.99 £304.99 at Very
Very seems to be the only UK retailer with a discount on the Nintendo Switch OLED. It’s not a massive saving but we’re not expecting much given the console only launched at the end of last year. You can also check out some of the bundle options from Very below with games such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Mario Kart 8.

Nintendo Switch OLED (White) | Animal Crossing New Horizons: £349 £344.99 at Very
Save £5
– It’s not a big discount but here’s a way to save on the Switch OLED and cutesy lifestyle sim Animal Crossing New Horizons. As one of the Nintendo Switch’s most popular and best-selling games, we expect this bundle to go fairly quickly.

Nintendo Switch OLED (White) | Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: £349 £344.99 at Very
Save £5 – This bundle includes Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – another top-selling Switch title. It’s rarely discounted if you were looking to buy it separately so it’s understandable that there isn’t really a saving to be found here. However, it’s also an ideal game to start off your Switch library.

Nintendo Switch OLED (White) | Super Mario 3D World & Mario Kart 8: £389 £384.99 at Very
This is a very strong multiplayer-focused bundle with frenetic racer Mario Kart 8 and inventive platformer Super Mario 3D World. Both games are best experienced with friends, whether you’re competing for first place or collaborating to reach the end of a tricky course.

Nintendo Switch OLED | Pokémon: Shining Pearl & Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond: £399 £394.99 at Very
This bundle includes both Pokémon remasters that launched back in November last year. If you’re the biggest fan of catching ’em all or are buying for someone who is, it’s an unbeatable bundle.

Nintendo Switch bundles: how to spot a good deal

Just because Nintendo Switch bundles are cheap might not mean they are good deals. Many retailers often include cheaper games with their Nintendo Switch bundles and still charge standard price. Games readily available for $20 – $30 can sneak their way into the premium-priced deals, lowering the overall value of the offering. 

In this case, it’s worth picking up a Nintendo Switch bundle with a full $60 game and grabbing the cheaper title separately if you’re desperate to play it. For this reason, it’s always worth double checking the going price of the bundled game you’re picking up against the overall cost to make sure you’re getting a good deal. Nintendo Switch sales outside of busy shopping periods (Black Friday or the holidays) are more likely to try this tactic. 

The best games to get in a Nintendo Switch bundle

As mentioned above, first-party releases are the games you’ll want to look for in order to get the best Nintendo Switch bundle deals. These are the games that have been developed and produced by Nintendo themselves, so that’s the likes of Mario Kart, Mario Party, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid and so on.

As these titles do not usually fall much below their usual price (even years after launch) your best option to get them for cheap is as part of a Nintendo Switch bundle. We’ve seen games effectively receive discounts of up to 50% when bought as part of a bundle.

When to shop for Nintendo Switch deals

The best Nintendo Switch deals are usually found around the holiday period. You’ll find the year’s biggest games tend to release between October and December, which gives bundles a higher value when these titles are included at a discount price. However, a new Nintendo Switch bundle generally pops up along with any big first-party release. We’ll be looking out for any featuring Metroid Dread when that launches later this year to help you save some cash on your Switch.

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Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite was released at just $199.99/£199.99 in 2019. That’s $100/£80 less than the original Switch console. If you want to play games on the TV as well, you should go for the standard Nintendo Switch instead as the Lite is only playable in handheld mode.

The Nintendo Switch Lite comes in multiple colour options. You can pick one up now in turquoise, gray, yellow or coral pink, as well as a special Pokemon Zacian & Zamazenta Edition. We’re rounding up all the best Nintendo Switch Lite bundles if you want to check it out in more detail.

Cheap Nintendo Switch games

Looking for something to play? Some of the latest Nintendo Switch deals and bundles might not be offering the game you’re looking to get into first. If not, use this price comparison chart below to find the cheapest Switch titles around. 

Shop all the latest cheap Nintendo Switch games

Extra Joy-Con deals

If you’re looking for more multiplayer options, you might want to check out the latest Joy-Con deals. These controllers come in $10 more expensive than the Pro Controller (more on that below) but you do get two separate controllers to expand your options. Nintendo Switch deals rarely include these controllers in their bundles as well, so it’s not worth holding out for a mega-bundle.

Or maybe you just fancy some different colors for your own use – the Neon Red / Blue Joy-Con pack offers opposing colors to the ones the console ships with, for example (left red and right blue). Check out the latest prices below, or shop the best cheap Joy-Con sales going right now. 

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Nintendo Switch Pro controller deals

You won’t actually need a Nintendo Switch Pro controller to play any games, so don’t feel pressured in to buying one. The Nintendo Switch Pro controller is a more traditional-style pad and launched alongside the Nintendo Switch. Prices aren’t cheap though, starting around $69.99/£64.99. Nintendo Switch bundles have offered the Pro Controller in the past, but these are rare – and often higher value bundles setting you back a bit more cash – so we wouldn’t recommend waiting for them. Check out more Nintendo Switch Pro Controller deals in our dedicated guide. 

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Do I need to buy extra controllers for multiplayer on Nintendo Switch?

Possibly not! Remember how the Joy-Con controller splits in two? Turn them sideways and you get two basic controllers, each with their own analogue stick and face buttons – the d-pad acts as face functions on the left controller. We’ve seen 2K’s NBA series, Snipper Clips, FIFA 19, and Mario Kart being used this way for local multiplayer in both docked and tablet modes. So you get multiplayer functionality straight out of the box with no additional purchase required.

However, if you want to play four-player games, then you’re going to need to invest in an extra pair of Joy-Con controllers or some Pro controllers. We’d buy the Joy-Cons as a pair (see our comparison chart above) as you’ll save a bit of cash over buying them separately. Better yet, if your friends own a Switch, ask them to bring their controllers to the party!

Nintendo Switch bundles rarely offer extra controllers at the standard price, as these are particularly pricey gamepads. However, retailers sometimes include a Pro Controller in their Nintendo Switch sales with a slightly higher price tag. 

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Nintendo Switch MicroSD card deals

With only 32GB of internal storage, you’ll be wanting to pick up a cheap memory card or two for your new Nintendo Switch for any digital purchases or the inevitable game-fixing patches. Don’t fret though, they’re actually surprisingly cheap, with even 64GB ones coming in at under £20/$25.

What memory cards does the Nintendo Switch need? Those will be Micro SD cards also known as, depending on their size, as MicroSDHC (up to 32GB) or MicroSDXC (up to a huge 2TB soon). Nintendo also has their own branded cards, but you’ll be paying more just for a label. So for now, we’d take a look at this range of cheap MicroSDXC Nintendo Switch-friendly cards.

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