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Skate 4 could be coming sooner than expected

References to the next Skate game have been found in Origin's API sparking speculation of an imminent announcement...
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Skate 4 could be much closer than anyone had anticipated, as an apparent Origin API leak, as well as insider information, has seemingly hinted that it’s nearly ready for playtesting. 

The news comes from eXputer and notorious leaker Tom Henderson, who claim that within the Origin API, there was a reference to a Skate playtest. As of writing the API code has since been removed, but eXputer grabbed an alleged screenshot of the entry and it makes clear references to Skate.  

The name Skate 4 isn’t used in the code – instead, it’s referred to specifically as ‘skate.’ This would hint that the game has seen a rebrand, moving away from the numbered sequel convention to go the way of a reboot. 

There isn’t anything too specific in the API, such as a release date, but it does state that progress from the playtest will not transfer to the main game. 

On the more speculative side, eXputer claims sources have told them that internal playtesting has been happening for months, suggesting that Skate 4 is quite far along in its development. 

The report also says Skate will have crossplay, while also seemingly denying early rumors that the title is going to be free-to-play. 

Sooner than expected

If this Skate playtest is imminent, it will be a big surprise for players. The next Skate was announced in the summer of 2020 as part of EA Play Live, and it was said to be in ‘very early’ development at that point. If that was true, and this playtest is incoming, that is an impressive turnaround for the title. 

Interestingly EA Play isn’t happening this year. The publisher announced that it would be forgoing a summer presentation, so we at least know the game isn’t set to turn up there. However, with no centralized announcement event, it opens up EA games to be shown at other shows, like the Summer Game Fest, or even Xbox and PlayStation showcases. 

It’s even possible that EA doesn’t use any third-party event to announce this and instead just releases the news of its own accord.

Regardless, it seems like something is happening with the proposed Skate 4, and fans of the franchise can probably start to get excited about hearing more soon. 

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