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Sandbox Token Jumps 8% thanks to the HSBC and Paris Hilton collab

The metaverse token SAND has jumped following news that HSBC purchased a parcel of virtual land, and Paris Hilton's appearance in The Sandbox....
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The Sandbox has become a place for large brands to explore the hype-driven metaverse. Paris Hilton, the American noughties star who has become a crypto enthusiast, is joining the fun.

HSBC today announced a partnership with metaverse, including the purchase of a virtual parcel of LAND. This is The Sandbox’s tokenized digital equivalent to real estate.

According to reports, the bank will put this plot into action and build various esports activities for gamers.

“Through our partnership With The Sandbox, we are making our foray in the metaverse, allowing to create innovative brand experiencess for new and existing clients,” Suresh Balaji (HSBC Asia-Pacific branch chief marketing officer), stated in a prepared statement. We are excited to work with our brand ambassadors and Animoca Brands in order to create experiences that are inclusive, accessible, and educational.


The Sandbox’s parent company, Animoca Brands, is heavily involved with all things gaming and crypto. The Ethereum Blockchain is the foundation of The Sandbox, a gaming platform that uses cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens ( Non-fungible Tokens ). It is very similar to popular games like Roblox and Minecraft except that virtually every object, avatar and plot of virtual country can be purchased, sold and customized by any player.

Paris Hilton launched her partnership with The Sandbox by performing a DJ set at the SXSW festival. The concert was held in a virtual environment created by The Sandbox on Tuesday night.

Hilton stated in a press release that “I believe in the metaverse” and how web3 technologies empower creators, gamers and artists. It’s a great movement and community, and I’m proud of being a part. I cannot wait to share the amazing experiences The Sandbox brings to the metaverse with you.

Speculators haven’t lost the two partnerships either.

According to CoinMarketCap data, The Sandbox’s native SAND coin saw a spike of around 8% following the announcements. The token currently trades at $2.92 but is still more than 65% below its November record.





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