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Not Just Gaming—the Metaverse Can Now Play Matchmaker Too

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Valentine’s Day is officially upon us, which means giant teddy bears, roses, and usually having to book a table at restaurant months in advance. But for the first time in history, couples don’t have to sift through their wardrobe for the perfect date outfit. Instead, a fully-immersive virtual date night can be experienced from the comfort of their couch.

You read that right. Thanks to the advent of the metaverse, romantic interests can now interact with each other on virtual dates from the safety and convenience of their homes; users can be in their sweatpants and the other would never know. From beaches in Barbados to virtual roller coaster rides, the opportunities for date ideas are endless.

Since Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement in October that he was officially changing Facebook’s name to Meta, the metaverse, described as a “virtual online world where people can get together, work, communicate and play games from the comfort of their homes” has taken the world by storm. But while the technology is predominantly associated with gaming, it has also found its utility in the dating realm.

Dating in the Metaverse

The metaverse isn’t just offering new opportunities for gamers. It’s also disrupting the world of dating. In December, Tinder jumped on the metaverse bandwagon, with CEO Renate Nyborg announcing that it was exploring how to “blur the boundaries between offline and online worlds”, in an interview at the Reuters Next conference. The company’s newly launched Explore feature is set to hold interactive events like “Swipe Nights”, allowing users to choose their own adventures and match with others based on their choices.

Metaverse dating can not only provide a convenient option for singles looking to go on dates without venturing out from home, though. It also provides a much-needed safety element for vulnerable singles heading out to meet people they meet online. As more reports arise about ransom cases arising from dating apps, as well as increasing recounts of drink spiking, people’s safety while dating is more important now than ever.

Meet Charlotte

One company, in particular, that is pioneering safety in the metaverse dating world is, a ready-to-deploy open metaverse platform that uses advanced audio, video, and chat features to give users access to life-like avatars. By using 3D avatars of themselves, users in the metaverse eliminate the common dating dilemma of catfishing.

In terms of safety, has implemented a bot called Charlotte, a feature that was designed solely for users’ safety. In the instance that a user is feeling uncomfortable by another users’ presence or actions, they can alert Charlotte who will then send out a message informing the second user that they are being recorded. The bot then begins to monitor them for any future safety red flags.

More Than Just Dating

Within’s performance-optimized virtual world, users can build and buy 3D assets using their very own token, $PAXW. This serves as a platform where users have the advantage to exchange items and services such as NFT’s, educational classes, events and more by providing the experience of virtual reality.

The advent of the metaverse has provided many new opportunities for fully immersive experiences which people can experience from the comfort of their homes. Although many may not immediately associate dating with the metaverse, companies like pax.word and Tinder are taking full advantage of the burgeoning technology, disrupting the dating world by providing not only safer dating conditions, but also a borderless world where users can pursue whatever date night their partner desires—a perfect arrival just in time for Valentine’s Day.





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