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Netflix cancels another hit TV show – and it’s got little to do with viewer numbers

Award nominated show hits the chopping block...
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Another day, another Netflix TV show bites the dust. Those looking for an order of culinary expertise with a side of humorous disaster will be saddened to hear that Netflix is cancelling ‘Nailed It! Halloween’.

The cookery game show’s holiday spin-off, which sees inept bakers try to emulate the creations of top chefs, had already seen its production halt earlier this week due to union action against its producers, Magical Elves.

Now, rather than meet the IATSE union’s demands, Netflix has opted to kill the show completely, according to Deadline.

Netflix is expected to air the four completed episodes from the series (which benefit from being standalone competitions, rather than an ongoing competitive series across multiple episodes) around the Halloween holiday season that this particular spin-off is themed around. What it means for the seventh mainline Nailed It! season remains to be seen – but with a crew in mutiny, and the production house and Netflix seemingly in agreement to terminate what’s currently in existence, it’s not looking good.

Netflix’s long-standing history of cancellations

Netflix’s habit of cancelling series is seemingly never ending. Each week that goes past seems to see more and more shows, some very popular, getting the axe.

In 2021 alone around 20 shows were prematurely cancelled, including big-budget, much-hyped series such as Cowboy Bebop and Jupiter’s Legacy.

In most cases, these cancellations are the result of poor reception of lower-than-anticipated viewing figures. But when it comes to Nailed It! the show has proved popular enough to last not only several seasons, but several holiday specials too, as well as garnering three consecutive nominations at the Emmys for Outstanding Competition Program and two PGA Awards.

It would appear then that union action may be the one thing more likely to see a show pushed off air than even low audience figures – which must be sending a worrying message to other Netflix shows in production.

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