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LG reveals 2022 QNED TV EU prices, and it’s not looking good for everyone else

LG has revealed EU pricing for its 2022 QNED TVs, and they could be much more expensive than last year's models....
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LG has revealed EU pricing for its 2022 QNED TVs, and they could be considerably more expensive than last year’s models. US and UK pricing is yet to be announced, buyers in these regions may need to brace themselves for a price increase over 2021’s LG QNED TVs.

As reported by FlatpanelsHD, a range of new LG QNED TVs have had their prices announced. While the follow-up to the flagship LG QNED99 8K TV has yet to be revealed, we do have European prices for the new LG QNED90 4K TV.

Once again, there are three sizes available for the LG QNED90, and the prices, when converted, work out as follows:

LG QNED90 (65-inch): €2,500 (around $2,800 / £2,100)LG QNED90 (75-inch): €3,800 (around $4,200 / £3,200)LG QNED90 (86-inch): €5,700 (around $6,200 / £4,700)

By comparison, last year’s LG QNED90 TV launched in the US at $1,999, $2,999 and $3,999 for the 65, 75 and 86-inch models respectively, showing that a substantial price increase could be on the way for US and UK markets when it comes to the new models.

Are these QNED prices confirmed?

No – these prices aren’t set in stone, and we may find that US and UK prices are adjusted to fall somewhat in line with the price points of 2021’s LG QNEDs. However at face value, it does look like what is supposed to be LG’s more affordable alternative to its OLEDs like the LG C1, are becoming less widely available than they were last year.

Of course, the new LG QNED TVs are still likely to be excellent, featuring 120Hz panels that feature Full Local Array Dimming for more accurate contrast than what’s provided by edge-lit screens. More affordable models will be available, too, like the LG QNED85 and the LG QNED80, with the latter featuring an edge-lit screen as opposed to Full Local Array Dimming, LG has confirmed.

It feels like we’re seeing new 2022 TV prices revealed almost every day right now, with LG also recently revealing its pricing for its upcoming OLED TVs, as well as Samsung with its 2022 Neo QLED TV line-up. So far, the trend has been almost universal price increases across most brands and models, and that doesn’t seem like it’ll be halted by LG’s new QNED prices.

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