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Is it Profitable to Play on Bitcoin Dice Sites?

Simple gameplay, straightforward rules, and a 1% house edge have made Bitcoin dice popular....
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Simple gameplay, straightforward rules, and a 1% house edge have made Bitcoin dice popular. The game has proven to be a force to reckon with among online casino titles, riding on the growing adoption of cryptos. Today, there are plenty of Bitcoin dice sites where you can take a roll or two.

Playing on crypto dice sites can rake in profits like the traditional versions. You stand a chance of earning more because of the fluctuating values of cryptos. However, you could lose your bankroll faster than in other games if you go all in without learning a few tricks.

The most obvious way to profit is by playing on licensed Bitcoin dice sites. You will enjoy fair play in the games and prompt payment when you win. Settle in as we walk you through all there is to know to stay profitable on Bitcoin dice sites.

Get the Basics Right
Have you ever wondered how many players lose in games because they do not know the basic rules? While it may sound odd, it is a sad reality.

Different crypto dice sites may vary the gameplay, but the basics stay the same. You place bets on the outcome of a dice roll, precisely a range. The casino pays out if you get the prediction right.

Playing on crypto dice sites usually involves the following steps:

  • Select the amount you want to bet on the game.
  • Depending on the Bitcoin dice site, pick a number between one and a hundred or more.
  • The next step is to select either roll-hi or roll-lo. Roll-hi means that your chosen outcome will be a higher value than your number. The reverse is the case with roll-lo.
  • Hit the “roll the dice” button to start the game.
  • If your predicted outcome materializes, you win the roll.

All crypto dice sites use random number generators to generate the roll numbers, ensuring fair play. Now that you have the basics, let’s look at some strategies to stay profitable.

Strategies to Stay Profitable on Bitcoin Dice Sites
Before we head in, note that this game solely relies on chance. For that reason, you have no control over the roll’s outcome, regardless of the casino.

You can employ a few strategies to break even and stay profitable on Bitcoin dice sites. It is not a guarantee that you will win with these tactics, but your chances will be much higher. So, get luck on your side while using them.

The following are strategies to stay profitable on Bitcoin dice sites:

The Martingale Dice Strategy
The Martingale strategy is not new to online trading and betting. Many traders employ it, and it has also gained prominence on Bitcoin dice sites. It is probably the most popular tactic in online betting.

So, what does this famous tactic entail? Primarily, it involves doubling your bet if you lose a roll. That sounds counter-intuitive, but your payout will be higher if you win. Nevertheless, it doesn’t end there.

The strategy also states that the subsequent outcome will likely be the opposite of the previous one. As a result, doubling your bets can help you recoup your losses.

If you win on the first outcome, you can still double your bet while maintaining the prediction. On the other hand, keep doubling your stake until you win.

Break-Even Martingale Strategy
It is similar to the original Martingale tactic except for the bet increment. This strategy aims to slow down how fast you increase bets if you lose rolls. With it, you can avoid doubling your stake after every losing round.

This is how it works. If your losing bet was 10 mBTC, the next bet remains the same. However, if you lose again, you can increase your stake to 20 mBTC. This strategy increases your chances of a win and saves your bankroll.

Paroli Strategy
The Paroli strategy opposes Martingale’s and is one way to sustain your profits on crypto dice sites. Instead of doubling your bet after losing, you do it only after winning. You can also double your stake after winning three games in a row.

What happens if you lose? Well, Paroli proposes that you reset your stake to the starting value.

D’Alembert Strategy
D’Alembert is similar to Martingale but differs in one key area. While you increase your bets for every loss, like the latter, you do so by just one unit. As a result, you will go from 5 BTC to 6 BTC instead of 10 BTC.

This tactic will slow your burn rate while embracing the probability of hitting a win.

1-3-2-6 Strategy
This principle recommends an increase only when you start winning. If you lose, stay at the same value until your predictions come through. Nevertheless, it is when you start to win that things get interesting.

The increase comes unevenly, but you will break even in the end. After the first win, increase your bet to 3 units. Note that the value depends on your classification and not on crypto dice sites.

If you win again, you drop your bet value to 2 units of the original amount. The last 6 units come after you hit a win at 2 units. Afterward, you must return to the first value regardless of winning or losing.

You must reset to the original amount if you lose at any point in your progress. This tactic is very effective in staying profitable on Bitcoin dice sites.

Hybrid Betting
You can apply more than one of the strategies mentioned above. That will result in a hybrid tactic, particularly useful for extended gaming sessions. Also, you are free to switch strategies if one is not working, but maintain the one that gives results.

Responsible Betting
crypto dice sites have responsible betting tools to keep players from going overboard into addiction. You can use them to set your loss limits and manage your bankroll better.

You can profit from playing on Bitcoin dice sites, but you must first play on licensed ones. Then you can employ a few strategies to manage your bankroll and increase your chances of winning. is the No1 source for all things crypto-related. Contact to discuss press releases, sponsored posts, Reviews and more. is the No1 source for all things crypto-related. Contact to discuss press releases, sponsored posts, Reviews and more.

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