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Interest In Crypto Tattoos Balloons 222% This Year – ‘Bitcoin Ink,’ Anyone?

In the last several weeks, Bitcoin has received a lot of ink. And we’re not referring to news coverage here. According to a research published...
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In the last several weeks, Bitcoin has received a lot of ink. And we’re not referring to news coverage here.

According to a research published by Crypto Head, consumers are more interested in getting crypto-related ink done this year than they were last year.

Based on the report, interest in crypto tattoos surged by a whopping 222 percent in the last year, Google search volume and Instagram hashtag data show.

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Crypto Tattoo Searches Climb

The word “crypto tattoo” produced approximately 1,900 searches, according to statistics.

The analysis discovered that the most tattooed cryptocurrency — #bitcointattoo — has lately generated 996 Instagram posts as users demonstrate their enthusiasm for the world’s most sought-after digital currency by tattooing its symbol.

#Cryptotattoo came in second place with 956 Instagram posts, followed by #dogecointattoo with 11 and #ethereumtattoo with six.

Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency by market value, had the fewest tattoo-related searches, with only six for #ethereumtattoo.

Bitcoin Ink Popularity Growing

Along with Google search data, Crypto Head researchers evaluated analytics from Instagram.

On top of the research, other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have a slew of posts including the hashtag “#cryptotattoo.”

The hashtag “#bitcointattoo” is also extremely popular on Twitter, where a bevy of users have published images of their Bitcoin-themed tattoos over the last few years.

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Crypto total market cap at $1.84 trillion on the daily chart | Source:

CEO Supports NFT Tattoos

Mike Novogratz of Galaxy Digital is well-known for being on the cutting edge, including in fields such as the metaverse and even psychedelic medicine and, most recently, the art of converting tattoos into non-fungible tokens.

In October of last year, the CEO tweeted that he will be meeting with a tattoo artist to discuss converting her work to NFTs, and she might even give him a tattoo.

Novogratz fearlessly solicited comments from the Twitterverse.

A Cardano logo; a “supernova blockchain heroes” tattoo; a Satoshi Nakamoto emblem; a sarcastic suggestion that the tattoo artist put some hair on his head; and even Yakuza cats were suggested.

A Tattoo Digital Currency? Why Not?

Meanwhile, in response to the tattoo industry’s increasing needs, a group of notable tattoo artists launched last year the TattooMoney initiative, a clearance system and sales platform.

As digital money becomes more widely used, the founders of TattooMoney collaborated with industry professionals to establish a cryptocurrency named “TAT2” for the tattoo business.

Along with this new type of currency, TattooMoney has unveiled a brand-new supporting platform, NFTattoo, to facilitate the exchange of designs and ideas amongst artists.

The main objective of TattooMoney is to trade $TAT2 digital money and settle in the tattoo infrastructure.

The project is growing rapidly enough that it will eventually serve the entire industry system in its numerous facets.

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