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Game Lounge is Taking a New Approach to Metaverses with its Personal, Digital Gaming Rooms

Metaverses have become increasingly popular, with market size growing from $46 billion in 2020 to a predicted $800 billion by 2024. Metaverses create a comprehensive...
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Metaverses have become increasingly popular, with market size growing from $46 billion in 2020 to a predicted $800 billion by 2024.

Metaverses create a comprehensive universe, combining all companies’ offerings into one convenient virtual space. For the digital asset space, this typically refers to NFTs, tokens, and more coming together in one experience, typically around a game.

The Game Lounge is creating a unique platform that functions as a user’s personal gaming room within the metaverse. Users can invite friends to play games, hang out, show off their NFT collections, and more from their gaming rooms. Games available from the room will include board games, bar games, and arcade games.

Within the Game Lounge is a play-to-earn (P2E) gaming rewards system. The P2E system incentivizes players, advertisers, and digital artists to earn social gaming economy rewards. Everyone who interacts with the Game Lounge has the opportunity to earn capital due to the metaverse and blockchain technology behind the token economy.

Game players and crypto lovers have yet to see an opportunity like this before!

Game Lounge, the Metaverse Gaming Room

The Game Lounge is looking to revolutionize P2E NFT gaming with its accessible and fun approach to the metaverse. Using its built-in social features, you can relax, play games, and socialize with like-minded players from the Game Lounge.

The built-in social features allow users to create their own network of contacts, in-game portfolio of investments, and themed groups connected with specific projects owning public lounges in the metaverse within the Game Lounge. You can also join gaming guilds owning guild halls in the metaverse and use in-game voice chat to expand the immersion further.

With so many opportunities available to players to make friends, earn crypto, and participate in the metaverse, the future of Game Lounge possesses unlimited potential.

What Sets Game Lounge Apart

The Game Lounge takes a unique approach to their metaverse and game design compared to other projects.

Instead of building a large open world, as many other projects do, Game Lounge is creating small, closed spaces. Though this may seem more limited and less immersive, the project uses this approach to their advantage by focusing their attention.

This also affects in-game marketing and advertisements. Rather than having less efficient advertisements within a large open world, there are targeted advertising campaigns in a closed Lounge Space.

This means advertisers and those that benefit from ad revenue really get to know their audience well in an intimate way that a traditional advertising platform would not be able to do.

Game Lounge is also taking a different approach to building its virtual world. Rather than creating a small game that could exist on a mobile device, their game is being designed using Unreal Engine 5, one of the latest and greatest game engines.

Through Unreal Engine 5, Game Lounge will deliver an immersive and almost life-life experience for players. Most other metaverses’ art styles and designs take on a cartoonish, fantasy approach. However, Game Lounge is looking to create a realistic experience that will bring a whole new crowd to the growing metaverse digital asset space.

Game Lounge Offers Many Unique Opportunities to Earn Crypto

The features of the Game Lounge allow the users to engage in several different capital-earning activities. Players can earn $GLT, the project’s token, unique NFTs and other rewards through various P2E game modes.

There are leaderboards where players can win the whole season to earn extra rewards in $GLT. There are also regular series tournaments to participate in and become a champion, classic P2E to earn with NFT-booster, and contests within the community.

There are also multiple advertisement opportunities for companies and projects like meta adspots that allow brands from the real world to place ads within the user’s metaverse space. There are also banners to post engaging content in the form of images, and digital ads in the form of animations or videos.

Finally, there is a slew of NFT support, like the ability to buy, sell, and trade NFTs for other unique NFTs via the Opensea marketplace. The platform allows users to create their own NFTs in the form of 2D and 3D objects, which they can sell. Also, active community members and players can participate in contests and games to earn NFTs.

With so many developments taking shape for Game Lounge, it is clear that the project is opening up the potential of the metaverse in ways we previously only ever imagined.





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