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GAIMIN Poised for Significant Growth and Technology Advancement in 2022

March 6th sees GAIMIN enter its fifth and most exciting year: GAIMIN’s distributed data processing application which rewards users for participation in the network...
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March 6th sees GAIMIN enter its fifth and most exciting year:

GAIMIN’s distributed data processing application which rewards users for participation in the network will be launched in April 2022.

GAIMIN’s Minecraft plugin is delivering blockchain and NFT functionality to the Minecraft Metaverse.

GAIMIN’s SDK for the Unreal/EPIC platform extends blockchain and NFTs to games developed on the Unreal platforms.

GAIMIN Gladiator’s, GAIMIN esports team are going from strength to strength, winning major competitions and heading up the league ranking tables.

GAIMIN launches its cryptocurrency GMRX on at least one crypto exchange creating value for users of the GAIMIN application

GAIMIN – monetizing distributed data processing

Over the last four years, GAIMIN has been developing an application to create a supercomputer level distributed data processing network from spare capacity found in high performance gaming PC’s. After undergoing substantive beta testing and more recent penetration and security testing, GAIMIN will be launching the application globally following the exchange listing of GAIMIN’s GMRX token. The application launch date will follow the listing of GMRX on one or more crypto exchanges, potential users can register with the whitelist for priority access to the application when launched.

GAIMIN’s application harnesses the underutilised processing power from GPUs found in high performance gaming PCs, creating an AI driven, supercomputer level, distributed data processing network, monetising data processing, compensating users allowing their devices to participate in the GAIMIN network in GAIMIN’s own cryptocurrency token – GMRX. Earned rewards are stored in the user’s account and can be withdrawn or more commonly spent in the GAIMIN Marketplace, on NFTs, gaming assets, accessories and merchandise.

GAIMIN currently uses this network of processing capacity to ‘power blockchain computations’, commonly known as mining. Blockchains form part of the underlying technology behind new advances such as cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the Metaverse. Using AI, the GAIMIN platform selects the most profitable blockchain to power and returns upto 90% of the rewards back to users. GAIMIN have already trialled other uses for the data processing network and successfully delivered video rendering services. GAIMIN intends to extend the functionality of the application, enabling businesses to run high-demand data processing tasks without major infrastructure changes.

GAIMIFICATION – Powering the Metaverse

GAIMIFICATION has been at the forefront of GAIMIN’s development activities over the last 6 months. GAIMIN have developed and released a plugin for Minecraft allowing gamers to utilise blockchain functionality within Minecraft. Predominantly focussing on NFTs, GAIMIN’s plugin enables gamers to retain their in game asset investment in the form of NFTs which can be used within different games and also bought, sold and rented on the secondary marketplace. Incorporating dynamic NFT functionality, GAIMIN’s NFTs can be re-used across different games, with styling and formatting of the NFTs modified according to the graphics requirements of the game they are being used in.

GAIMIN’s soon-to-be released SDK for the Unreal/EPIC platform will deliver blockchain and NFT functionality to games developed on the Unreal/EPIC platform. Similar to the Minecraft plugin, but supporting the integration of blockchain functionality for developers of any game developed on the Unreal/EPIC platform, GAIMIN will release its SDK, extending the interoperability of NFTs across different gaming platforms and creating a significantly increased user base for GAIMIN’s application.

GAIMIN will be powering the Metaverse for the most popular and widely played games, worldwide.

GAIMIN Gladiator’s – Worldwide esports success

GAIMIN’s esports teams are going from strength to strength. Since launching GAIMIN Gladiators in January 2022, GAIMIN Gladiator’s DOTA2 team are winning major events and moving forward in tournament rankings in the global esports arena. Team Tickle team recently won the WEU championship, beating some of the leading worldwide teams to steadily increase their rankings and position.

The success of the DOTA2 team has catapulted GAIMIN’s esports expansion with the incorporation of Pokemon GO, Counterstrike and Rocket League teams into the Gladiator’s community. Currently ensconced in a European bootcamp, our DOTA 2 team is poised for significant success in up and coming tournaments.

Successful esports teams generate significant brand awareness from participation in events and tournaments. Winning competitions increases brand awareness and recognition from followers. GAIMIN is a gaming company, developed for gamers by gamers. Focussing on the gaming community allows GAIMIN to access a large number of potential users who have access to the high performance devices which can be integrated into the GAIMIN distributed data processing network.

GAIMIN Gladiator’s exposure in increasing. As the team progresses in rankings and tournaments, the GAIMIN brand is visible to the teams they play against, further increasing following, viewer figures and, most importantly, increasing the number of active GAIMIN application users.

GAIMIN Gladiators current statistics:

2 million impressions across all platforms

84,000 followers across all platforms

150,000+ monthly profile visits

9,500 Discord/Telegram followers

3,000 recurring visitors to

200,000+ impressions from 3rd party news outlets

With each success, GAIMIN Gladiators increases its following, generating brand awareness and introducing new users to the GAIMIN application, GMRX and the potential for monthly earnings to supplement their gaming costs by generating their own rewards.

GMRX – Delivering value to our community

GAIMIN’s cryptocurrency token, GMRX, will imminently be launched on at least one crypto exchange, creating a token with value which can be earned through the GAIMIN app, spent on purchasing merchandise, accessories and in game assets, such as NFTs, or traded through exchanges. GAIMIN’s pre-listing sale has been extremely successful and has created a large number of GAIMIN token holders prior to launch.

No Gamer Left Behind

With a target of over 1 million active users in its network, the majority of whom will be gamers, GAIMIN has a high level of social responsibility to this influential community. GAIMIN will create socially responsible approaches to gaming to ensure its community balances the enjoyment of games with the non-gaming aspects of their lives.

GAIMIN will bring gaming to under-developed countries and communities. Through future initiatives such as bespoke designed, dual GPU hardware, GAIMIN will provide access to leading edge IT systems to underprivileged global users. The provision of hardware and communications infrastructure not only benefits the recipients but GAIMIN via the data processing. The cost of these services will be covered by the processing power utilised from within the PC devices.

Disability and physical limitations to not exist in the digital world. GAIMIN will inherit this philosophy in the physical world. GAIMIN are looking to offer devices, solutions and gaming accessories that provide the gaming experience to those people whose disabilities prevent them from fully participating in a gaming experience

GAIMIN will build gamification into the GAIMIN application and dashboards. This will include themes such as personal development, personal responsibility, leadership, morals, ethics and social responsibility. Combined with formalised skills development, such as game development, computer programming, economics and education providers, GAIMIN has the power to shape 1.5 billion youthful minds.

The GAIMIN philosophy – “No gamer is left behind.”

Exciting times are ahead for everyone associated with GAIMIN, whether you are a token holder, gamer, or technology enthusiast. To join the GAIMIN community, please follow us on across all GAIMIN and GAIMIN Gladiators social media, our websites ( for business and for gaming) and get the latest news and updates sent to you as it happens.

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