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Former Bored Ape Yacht Club Artist Enhances Sneaky Vampires Syndicate Utility And Inclusion Through Second Collection

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Competition continues to heat up in the NFT space, yet very few collections provide long-term utility. However, Sneaky Vampire Syndicate’s team is preparing to launch the Sneaky Vampiress collection, which is integral to the project’s future. Moreover, the new collection pays homage to the many female MFT artists who remain undervalued in this industry.

The Success of Sneaky Vampires Syndicate

Thousands of NFT collections have come to market over the past year and a half. Some are more successful than others, yet success comes in different forms. A high overall trading volume is often a good indicator. However, collections also need to offer long-term utility to remain relevant, which is much harder to come by. Sneaky Vampires Syndicate is one of the few collections checking both boxes.

Thanks to over 21,700 ETH in total trading volume, SVS is one of only 63 NFT collections to date capable of surpassing 21,000 ETH in sales. That is remarkable, given the sheer amount of NFT collections being created every week. Moreover, the collection of 8.888 male vampires notes over 1,400 holders, confirming a strong interest in what this collection provides. Furthermore, the team recently achieved strong real-world utility coinciding with the new Scream movie release.

To expand the utility of Sneaky Vampires Syndicate, the team will launch a secondary collection. Like the male vampires, the Sneaky Vampiresses are created by former BAYC artist Mig. Moreover, the choice for female vampires makes sense, as SVS aims to bring attention to the female enthusiasts in this industry. Both collectors and artists can see the appeal of Sneaky Vampiresses, a collection that will potentially improve the appeal of non-fungible tokens.

Promoting female inclusion and representation is essential in a male-drive industry. Gender should not be a barrier to empowerment through decentralization. Additionally, the easy-to-understand nature of Sneaky Vampire Syndicate makes it a powerful candidate to attract other genders to the NFT industry. More importantly, it may spark a wave of enthusiasm among artists to explore what this technology is all about.

Sneaky Vampiresses Enhance Utility

Although the ambition to promote female NFT artists and enthusiasts is worthwhile, the new collection has a secondary purpose. Matching male and female vampires introduces the breeding system, dubbed “Blood Pact”. Holders of both NFT types can engage in the minting of Gen-2 vampires, which will unlock an expansion of the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate Metaverse and its utility. Minting Gen-2 vampires requires $BLOOD tokens earned from staking SVS NFTs.

The Sneaky Vampiress collection will also feature eight unique 1-of-1 non-fungible tokens. Eight individual female artists draw these eight unique renditions, adding a certain appeal to the collection. Even though there are more Vampiresses (12,345) than initial Sneaky Vampire Syndicate NFTs (8,888), there are many opportunities. Existing SVS holders all gain minting access at a 1:1 ratio based on NFT holdings. The rest of the Vampiresses will be minted by large and female-led communities and public minting participants.

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate Project lead Thomas Kekker adds:

“The Genesis SVS NFTs were a huge success, and we’ve not let our foot off the gas. From the very beginning, we built this around nurturing our community and creating the best possible environment. We believe the release of the Vampiresses will continue the growth of our ecosystem in the right direction.”

Whitelisted users can access the Sneaky Vampiress pre-sale between February 21, 3 pm ET, and February 22, 3 pm ET. Public minting will begin on February 22, 4 pm ET, until all NFTs are minted or the campaign ends on February 28. All Sneaky Vampiresses will be revealed on that day after the minting process ends. Holders of Genesis SVS NFTs can achieve a minting discount of up to 50% if they own enough $BLOOD tokens.





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