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Flourishing upLink is Connecting the DeFi World Seamlessly

Poised to be the solution to the problems facing traditional financial institutions, decentralized finance [DeFi] as a nascent trend in the crypto space is introducing,...
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Poised to be the solution to the problems facing traditional financial institutions, decentralized finance [DeFi] as a nascent trend in the crypto space is introducing, as the name implies, the concept of decentralization which takes power away from the government and gives it back to the people. Offering everyone unlimited access to capital through its borrowing and lending model, DeFi is changing the incumbent financial industry. Albeit revolutionary, the emerging trend is plagued with a couple of problems of its own, one of which is complexity.

For users in the United States and around the world, getting into the market is quite difficult. You have to bounce from protocol to protocol as you move fiat and cryptocurrencies around. That’s not all, the herculean task of setting up multiple decentralized and centralized wallets for each protocol is a challenge for most users.

For crypto newbies especially, all of these issues could become more daunting than they may have envisioned, and in the long run, could – and often do – become a deterrent.

Is there a feasible solution? Yes!

Flourishing upLink—the Advanced Onramp Product from FlourishingAI

FlourishingAI is the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence [AI] crypto portfolio management solution for CEXes and DEXes. Delivering multi-dimensional crypto portfolio management strategies, FlourishingAI is able to beat the market and create positive and sizable asset growth.

In an attempt to address the problem of complexity associated with the budding DeFi space, FlourishingAI is set to launch another innovative product.

Moving fiat currencies across protocols and eventually swapping them to BNB is a fundamental part of getting into DeFi. In the process of identifying and proffering a sustainable solution to this problem, as revealed by Eric Gonzalez,  CEO of FlourishingAI, they decided to create a standalone product—Flourishing upLink.

We’ve discovered that we can create standalone sub-products to our core offering that will provide massive value to the entire crypto market”, the CEO further told reporters.

Scheduled to go live on February 18, 2022, Flourishing upLink is the most streamlined and remarkably easy onramp service in the trillion-dollar crypto space. This product will enable seamless connection to the world of DeFi by prioritizing users, whether in the U.S. or abroad. From immediately converting your fiat currencies to BNB (and other tokens in the coming months), upLink gives users the ability to easily onramp into an actively managed portfolio and provides the needed ability to trade across multiple DeFi protocols with a powerful, advanced AI-driven portfolio manager.

A one-stop product from FlourishingAI, upLink unprecedented, and unrestricted access to the DeFi world by simplifying the connection process.

“FlourishingAI Technology… is delivering the world’s most advanced portfolio management tool”

FlourishingAI portfolio manager, named  FAIT [short for FlourishingAI technology], according to a recent press release, delivers the most advanced portfolio management solution in DeFi and crypto. Unprecedentedly, she monitors over 6,800 markets at the same time. She also analyzes over 2.8TB of data per week to gain a complete 360º view of the entire market, in the same vein delivering trades that are based on advanced risk reduction and early pattern recognition strategies. What’s more, FAIT has been designed on high-end servers that sit across five global regions, allowing her to leverage over 12GHz of processing power per second and interact with over 360,000 users each day.

FAIT  is capable of predicting 1-4 days into the future, therefore determining market movements and subsequently trading users’ portfolios to build long-term wealth and success. Like most projects, FlourishingAI has launched a native token—$AI—which is currently available for trade on the PancakeSwap decentralized exchange.

Addressing the imbroglio of the DeFi market, FlourishingAI, through the development of the upLink product which has been scheduled for launch on February 14, 2022, will offer a sustainable and long-term solution, in the process accelerating the onboarding of more people into the DeFi and crypto industries.







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