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Eco-friendly credit cards: are they the way forward?

Eco-friendly credit cards are becoming popular among spenders who want to help the environment. But, are they the best way to be more ethical? The post...
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The rising demand for sustainability has brought about a new credit card trend: eco-friendly credit cards. The cards are a fantastic option for anyone looking to make their credit card usage more ethical! Here’s everything that you need to know about eco-friendly credit cards in 2022.


What are eco-friendly credit cards?

As their name suggests, eco-friendly credit cards are ‘kind’ to the environment. The cards offer consumers a more ethical way to purchase goods and encourage them to consider the impact their cards have on the environment.

Eco-friendly credit cards are typically made from sustainable materials to minimise waste. Furthermore, eco-friendly cards often donate to green causes and support ethical investments. This means that a portion of the profits earned by the company is put towards helping the environment.

What banks offer eco-friendly credit cards?

Many high street banks have started to introduce eco-friendly credit card options. The cards work in the same way as traditional credit cards but offer the added benefit of helping environmental initiatives.


HSBC customers can choose to use a recycled credit card. These cards are made from 85% recycled plastic and the bank is aiming to offer a 100% recycled version by the end of 2022! The bank says that switching to recycled cards will reduce CO2 emissions by 161 tonnes per year and will reduce plastic waste by a further 73 tonnes.


Triodos bank is making big moves towards sustainability. The bank offers an eco-friendly credit card made from recycled plastic and an ethical current account option. The Triodos eco-friendly credit card has exactly the same functions as the bank’s regular PVC card, and it’s highly durable to ensure that it can withstand daily use.


Last year, NatWest announced that its customers will receive new eco-friendly credit cards that are made from 86% recycled materials. As a result, millions of cards are set to be replaced as part of the bank’s bid to reduce the environmental impact of physical banking.


Are eco-friendly cards the way forward?

Eco-friendly credit cards help the environment by reducing the amount of CO2 that is released into the atmosphere. The cards also reduce global waste and contribute towards ethical projects. However, it’s clear that further improvements need to be made.

It’s argued that simply swapping PVC for recycled materials isn’t good enough. Instead, it may be better to scrap physical cards altogether and move to digital alternatives. Mobile banking, Apple Pay and other types of digital cards reduce the need to make physical banking products, and that could help to minimise plastic and fossil fuel use.

However, digital credit cards have their own environmental consequences and aren’t always the most sustainable option.

How can you be an eco-friendly credit card user?

As well as swapping to a sustainable card alternative, you could start to consider the impact your spending has on the environment. Many large banks invest in fossil fuel stocks and support projects that harm the environment. The best way to become more eco-friendly is to use a bank that invests in sustainable companies. Therefore, any money you give to the bank will go toward the greater good.

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