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CoinMerge – Social Media Redefined

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CoinMerge LLC, (CMERGE) is a Technology company based out of TX, USA that exists both on the ERC and BSC blockchain. Founded in 2021 this company began building the first Crypto Social Media Platform where users could come to chat, chart, trade, learn, and so much more all in one place on a single device. They have spent the last 8 months building the platform and community with the mantra of doing “The right thing, the right way”, always at the forefront of their business model.

Since 2021, they have released countless development updates on the platform and continue to improve on the utility and usability every day with crypto traders in mind. With over 9,600 users on their platform and over 160 projects listed, they are growing as quickly as they are building. Membership on the platform is 100% free, and listing YOUR crypto token on their platform is also 100% free.

A big part of what has their holders so bullish is not just the price action of their investment, but more so the fact that CoinMerge has 8 outside revenue streams that are put directly into buybacks on their token to increase holder’s wealth and value without the dependency on new holders, which ironically attracts new holders.

They also recently announced that they will be offering staking on their ERC token and redistribution of their Tokenomics to begin generating a buyback pool to raise whichever of the two tokens is lower.

CoinMerge is owned and operated by its CEO Mathew Goodhead, a Texas resident and recognized community leader. Their staff come from every corner of the USA with a global community. What Mathew and the team are building is absolutely needed in the crypto space, and more investors and users are jumping on board.

Users can now access CoinMerge through a web-browser, a pc app, the Google Play Store, and the Apple App Store. They recently developed customizable profile pages. Harkening back to the days of Myspace, users can customize the backgrounds, colours and fonts of their profile, pick their top 6 friends on the platform, and show off their favourite NFTs. They have partnered with another emerging company called DAR and officially partnered with Luna PR. CoinMerge also has a few notable investors, including: Joc Pederson, Pro MLB player, AJ Pollock, Dodgers Outfielder, and Todd Gurley, offensive player of the year in the NFL.

CoinMerge is poised for success, being the first to market on an all in one social media platform. With first-mover advantage, a dedicated team, and non-stop development improving the user and holder experience, CoinMerge is unlikely to stay at this Market Cap for much longer.









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