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C4W Is a Trusty-efficient Way To Earn Passive Income in Crypto

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype and buy your favorite coin, only for prices later to go down dramatically. Instead of simply investing money into coins, though – which can be risky depending on what kind you choose- there are actually some other strategies that might work out better than just holding them long-term.

Crypto4Winners (C4W) is a Sweden company that offers trading solutions piloted by experienced traders (algorithmic trading, bots, and A.I.) to help clients record profits when investing in cryptocurrencies.

With Crypto4Winners, you can manage your crypto assets and get a passive income from the comfort of home. In addition, the fund is decentralized with industry partners like Ledger, which specializes in security technologies for cryptocurrencies, and Chainalysis, which provides audits on blockchain transactions.

C4W offers an intuitive web dashboard for investors to view their deposits and withdrawals in bitcoin. In addition, users can review account statistics, including the current exchange rate between BTC-USDT pairs that they are trading. The minimum amount required to be part of the trading pool is 0.03 BTC.

The platform has made significant investments into security measures such as 2FA enabled login sessions & personal cryptographic key storage devices so you can feel safe about your investment.

The C4W fund is a decentralized 24/7 blockchain portfolio trading service that allows anyone who owns bitcoins to invest in it. The three-part investment strategy puts one-quarter of assets into long-term holdings and another fourth for medium terms. Both are kept safely offline with deep cold storage custodian wallet protection on all coins held extra safe from hacker attacks or any other form of theft. The other half are short-term holdings for intraday trades.

Pools Launched By C4W

C4W launched the first Bitcoin Pool in July 2019. They used the strategy of storing 50% of BTC in a cold wallet. Then the remaining 50% split up among traders who were experienced with managing coins on a day-to-day basis, making sure to always have at least one trader trading each time period during peak hours when prices are highest (so they can make some easy money).

When C4W saw the success of their BTC Pool, they decided to launch an Ethereum Pool in April 2021 with similar characteristics. The only difference was the minimum requirement of 1.0 ETH instead of 0.03 BTC.

The Global Crypto Pool is a diversified portfolio of crypto assets invested through multi-strategies. The launch date was January 2022, and the minimum investment to participate in this pool was only 10.000 USDT. The strategies used in Global Crypto Pool are Holding, Trading, Staking, Lending, and Yield farming.

A C4W team comprises highly qualified professionals with extensive knowledge in new technologies, the Internet, and blockchain. They are responsible for managing Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) & Tether (USDT) finances daily by monitoring risk levels while trying to earn profits through trading cryptocurrencies or Forex markets alike.

Platform’s Key Points

The platform works only on Performance Fees: Win-win business with customers. They do not charge any entry, exit, and management fee. In addition, 50% of your investment stored in the cold wallet by partnering with Ledger provides security to your funds.

24/7 dashboard access gives customers complete transparency of their funds. Additionally, the company provides 24 hours customer support.

With the C4W referral/affiliate system, you can earn 10% of net profits for each referred user. You will be credited with crypto under your dashboard that corresponds to this percentage–and there’s no limit on how much it could grow.

C4W charges a 20% performance fee only on the profitable trades on BTC and ETH pools. While on Global Crypto Pool, there is a 50% performance fee on the net monthly performance.


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