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BUZABA the People’s coin. A new way to support charities and make our world a better place

Here's a fascinating story about a group of people who met on Facebook and got together to start a community cryptocurrency with big ambitions but...
Press Release: Here’s a fascinating story about a group of people who met on Facebook and got together to start a community cryptocurrency with big ambitions but with a simple, jargon-free and unique approach to the world of Cryptocurrency and they are finally having their presale.
A true community project done by volunteers with several Facebook groups dedicated to their cryptocurrency, one Facebook group already with over 200k members.
Origins of Buzaba, how it all started.
Buzaba is the cryptocurrency with a social conscience. 
Pedro Macosta the founder of Buzaba says it all came out of a Facebook group where people got together and decided to make a charity cryptocurrency.
“First of all I want to say that from all the top cryptocurrencies out there none is a British based crypto, Buzaba aims to change that and put the UK on the map of the crypto world, and secondly yes, we met on Facebook; BUZABA was born on Facebook. We now have a website and a considerable following. We are a formidable force, and I can say there are some very good and genuine people in this movement wanting Buzaba to deliver what it promises.
We wanted BUZABA to give to charity because we believe we can make this a better world for those who have nothing when others have so much. I’m lucky I found people who have the same feelings about charity and good causes so I made it clear that giving to charity is the pillar, the backbone of BUZABA and now we are giving people that unique opportunity to buy at 0.00…01 on the most reputable platform the community could find, so don’t miss the opportunity to buy a great project like this one at presale. To put a presale in context, buying Buzaba now is like going back 10 years and buying Bitcoin for a few cents. Our journey has just began and we are a true community project with thousands of genuine people wanting to create something new and different from all the other crypts out there, Buzaba is a breath of fresh air in the crypto world.”
The community has also decided to go one step further up on the ambition scale and are looking for high profile individuals to entrust the 7 vaults and they are even willing to give the entire project to a public figure who will endorse and guarantee Buzaba remains a charity cryptocurrency, this sure is ambition off the Richter scale.
According to Pedro Macosta the founder member who is now looking  for more developers and people of high profile. 
Ambassadors are not endorsing us yet, but we are aiming to have only high profile individuals who already engage in charity work and not influencers, definitely not influencers. Many charities have high profile individuals as ambassadors and we want to do the same.
You already see those high profile individuals as ambassadors for Water Aid, Unicef and Save the children. We are a formidable community who believe in the power of good and our ambition matches our belief that Buzaba will change the world. We want more people to come on board and join us and help us to truly innovate the charity crypto space. Everything has taken longer to get done because we are all volunteers and we have endless zoom meetings, but we are a formidable force who want this crypto to succeed, we have people from all walks of life, housewives, accountants, retired judges, IT professionals, factory workers,  plumbers… a whole community wanting to make a cryptocurrency with a difference and everything is different about us, starting with our easy to read, jargon free bright crisp website with a focus on how we would like to support charities throughout and help the underprivileged of this world, as we believe no child or adult should go hungry in a world where some have so much and others are starving. We are not a blockchain so we are not going to amaze anyone with the latest in blockchain technology, what we do have is an amazing movement and a big commitment to the this project, now a reality “
We asked Pedro Macosta if he wasn’t worried with the current crypto turmoil we are witnessing at the moment. 
“No, not at all, it takes guts and confidence to launch now because Buzaba is different from all the other cryptos out there, Buzaba is a breath of fresh air in the crypto world. A genuine community project done by volunteers. This is the opportunity to show how confident we are on what Buzaba is about. Like taking the bull by the horns sort of thing, in this case the bear by the neck. “
According to their website, the Buzaba concept borrows on the Satoshi wallet that goes up in value as Bitcoin goes up in price.
Bitcoin’s anonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto mined an estimated 1,125,150 Bitcoins. The first price increase occurred in 2010 when the value of a single Bitcoin jumped from around $0.0008 to $0.08 At today’s Bitcoin price, the cold wallet with over one million Bitcoins is expected to be worth a mind-boggling amount of billions USD.
Borrowing on Satoshi Nakamoto’s cold wallet principle, the founding members discussed the creation of 7 cold wallets that are crypto vaults holding BUZABA coins that will go up in value as investors buy BUZABA on the exchanges and those coins will be solely allocated for charities with the founding fathers intent on agreeing how many BUZABA coins should be allocated to each wallet.
The concept of the 7 vaults is indeed a simple one giving them a unique  use case and their website sure is different from anything else out there. 
There sure is substance in what they are doing in the crypto world and who knows that famous individual could be on the phone right now.
Here’s a quick podcast interview with a few of our members about the Buzaba journey so far and the mention of our launch with the presale.
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