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Blockchain as the Frontier of Large-Scale Games

Blockchain has revolutionized many aspects of the gaming industry. Fundraising is no exception: The popularisation of fundraising via NFTs and Tokens has given creators the...
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Blockchain has revolutionized many aspects of the gaming industry. Fundraising is no exception: The popularisation of fundraising via NFTs and Tokens has given creators the ability to amass funding and feedback from the community at the early stages of the development process. This new crowdfunding model is exceptionally suited for making epic franchises, placing blockchain at the frontier of large-scale games.

In the traditional fundraising model, decisions are based on the publisher’s opinion on what is commercially profitable. This approach stifles creativity and leads to the multitude of safe, boring, copycat games abundant today. Whereas blockchain-based kickstarters allow developers to receive not only funds, but feedback, direction, and encouragement from the community.

In the old game development pipeline, creators would spend years on a project with no recognition of their work or guarantee that their creation would ever see the light of day. The road to release is haunted by the ghosts of games stuck in production limbo. The blockchain fundraising model gives direct control over the final product to the developers, and in the process, gives the community the chance to support their favourite creators, invest in projects they care about, and even provide input on the game itself.

These features make blockchain fundraising exceptionally suited for the development of epic game franchises. Without having to worry about appealing to publishers, game developers can eliminate safe choices, receive input and encouragement, and make games that the community truly cares about.

However, the nature of the beast lends itself to exploitation. This world runs on hype, and many have taken advantage by throwing together a few JPEGS, using trendy words, and overpromising to generate hype and get investment, with no development or fundamental application of the project in sight. This is why fans need to find the right project to support: those with a strong team, financial and community backing, and production already underway. One such project is Apeiron, the world’s first Play-to-Earn God game that weaves together the old and the new by combining god game simulation and action RPG genres and introducing assets and a player-driven economy. It has all the makings of an epic game, tailor-made for the blockchain sphere. In addition to its thousands of followers, a solid production roadmap, and experienced development team, it benefits from an intriguing concept and eye-catching graphic design.

Inspired by classic God-games like Spore and Black & White, Apeiron offers integrated gameplay where the player shapes the world as they see fit, before coming down to it as a controllable avatar, and continuing the game as a card-based action RPG. The game mechanics allow for persistent progression that leads to exciting PvE and PvP gameplay at the high-level stages.

The developers have a good eye for identifying the weaknesses of the current blockchain gaming trends and turning them into strengths. Where some games don’t inspire confidence when it comes to the late game stage development, Apeiron shines by employing a revolutionary tri-token structure. The system utilizes governance, play-to-earn, and alliance tokens to create a dynamic economy and ensure high-level viability at the late-game stage.

Where other games lack in their vision for an integrated gaming metaverse, Apeiron is working to bring about an integrated virtual world where players will be able to use their assets from other web3 projects in Apeiron. Where old games take the money and give back nothing in return, Apeiron’s NFTs (taking the form of Planets, Stars, and Relics) rightfully give ownership of digital assets to the player.

This game has a lot going for it, with NFT sales already underway and a scheduled release in late 2022, players can get involved and be a part of the ongoing gaming revolution.







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