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Are these the smallest noise-cancelling wireless earbuds on the planet?

Chinese audiomaker 1MORE has launched what it claims are the smallest noise-cancelling wireless earbuds around, the ComfoBuds Mini....
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We’re no stranger to tiny wireless earbuds here at TechRadar, but burgeoning audio brand 1MORE claims to have produced the smallest in-ear cans on the planet. 

Called the ComfoBuds Mini, 1MORE’s latest noise-cancelling earbuds are supposedly smaller than your average glass marble at 17x13mm and weigh less than a sheet of A4 paper, at just 3.7g each. 

Still, as we’ve come to expect from the company whose Triple Driver in-ear headphones top our list of the best earbuds in 2022, these miniscule measurements don’t appear to come at the expense of impressive audio features. 

In addition to active noise-cancelling (ANC) technology – which itself is by no means a given on wireless earbuds – the ComfoBuds Mini come equipped with 24 hours of battery life, Qi wireless charging and an algorithm (called SoundID) that adjusts audio to suit the ideal sound profile of each individual listener.

Users will also have access to four listening modes on the ComfoBuds Mini; two ANC modes and two designed to improve call and music quality. One of those ANC modes is designed to completely shut out the noise of the outside world, while the other offers a milder sound reduction more akin to quietening a room (if total audio isolation isn’t your thing).

The first of the two non-ANC modes is a Wind Noise Resistance setting that, unsurprisingly, reduces wind noise to help to filter out those troublesome frequencies when traveling outside, while the second mode seems almost a carbon copy of the Transparency Mode found on the AirPods Pro (they even share the same name). 

(Image credit: 1MORE)

1MORE’s ComfoBuds Mini boast an IPX5 water resistance rating, too, so you’ll be able to sweat to your heart’s (or body’s?) content while on a run or in the gym without fear of damaging or loosening the buds in your ears. And, with respect to their aforementioned 24-hour battery life, 1MORE says a quick 10-minute charge will offer a tidy 80 minutes of playtime – so, in theory, you should never be left jostling for juice.

Small buds for small change

Perhaps the best feature of 1MORE’s latest earbuds, though, is their price. The ComfoBuds Mini are available now on both Amazon / Amazon UK and the brand’s website for just $99.99 / £92.99 (around AU$140).

That’s less than $100 for a pair of smart-looking (read: almost invisible) buds with features that rival those offered by much more expensive competitor products on the market right now. 

For comparison, our number one pick for noise-cancelling earbuds in 2022, the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds, launched for an eye-watering $279 / £249 / AU$399. Of course, we’re not suggesting 1MORE’s latest buds will definitely rival Bose’s flagship equivalent for sound quality, but it’s still impressive to see the Chinese company keep their price so low. 

What’s more, 1MORE is also offering $15 / £15 off the list price of the ComfoBuds Mini in the US and UK if they’re bought within the next 30 days (using the discount code ComfoMini15) – making their sub-three-figure appeal even more enticing. 

We haven’t tested these teeny buds ourselves just yet, but at their current price, it’s hard to imagine why the 1MORE ComfoBuds Mini wouldn’t be an easy recommendation.

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