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Analysts predict QLED TV popularity will drop which could be a win for everyone

Analysts predict that QLED TVs will see a drop in sales as OLEDs become more popular in 2022...
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QLED TVs might soon be a thing of the past as brands are starting to move away from the display technology.

Analyst firm Omdia expects that the sale of TVs using Quantum dot Light Emitting Diode (or QLED) technology will fall in 2022, with key makers of these devices like Samsung to begin transitioning to OLED (via BusinessKorea).

Additionally, the firm expects that new OLED TVs will fill this market share void with the sales of these types of TVs, expected to rise to 12.7% over the coming year.

This certainly makes a lot of sense, Samsung has recently started to produce brand new QD-OLED displays – screens that combine the impressive brightness of QLEDs with OLED’s ability to produce high-contrast dark scenes – and other brands like LG have their own similar tech (with OLED Evo and the like).

Furthermore, LG plans to release a 42-inch OLED TV for the first time in its LG C2 OLED range. The smaller screen is expected to be much more budget-friendly than what we’ve seen before and could be the display that finally convinces people with LCD screens to make the leap to the premium TV option.

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If these predictions are correct, it could mean we see QLED and OLED TVs fall to their best prices yet.

As the popularity of OLED grows (thanks to new technology and smaller TV models) we’ll likely see production costs could drop due to investment in more efficient manufacturing – with those savings likely to be passed onto us consumers.

Whereas for QLED screens, as their popularity wanes manufacturers and storefronts will be keen to shift their stock so that space can be made for the new, more desirable TVs. As such, expect to see QLED TV prices drop too.

The best time to look out for these deals will likely be around sales events – such as Black Friday – if you’re looking to snag a major bargain on a QLED screen.

However, when these events do roll around you’ll want to keep an eye, because if the analysts are right, if you miss your chance you might find the cheap QLEDs sell out and are gone for good.

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