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Ahead Of Big Launch, NAGAX Opens Its Social Trading Platform Whitelist

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Experienced crypto traders who’re willing to share their insights with others in return for rewards might want to take a quick look at NAGAX now that the platform has opened for pre-registration.

NAGAX is a new platform that’s aiming to bring the concept of “social trading” into the crypto trading space. In many ways it’s like any other cryptocurrency exchange, with more than 700 different cryptocurrency trading pairs to choose from. But it goes beyond what many traditional crypto exchanges like Binance offer, as it also provides the ability to trade other assets such as stocks, FOREX and derivatives.

The biggest difference though is its social trading capability. Social trading is an established feature on many stock trading platforms, allowing users to copy the trades of more experienced platform users to share in their profits. NAGAX enables the same thing for crypto trading. With its Autocopy feature, users can mirror the trades of other traders for a fee of just $1 per trade, with a portion of that fee going back to the original trader.

NAGAX also incorporates some facets from Facebook, with a kind of social news feed that will serve as a place for traders to share and discuss news, publish their own content and learn from each other.

Obviously, if NAGAX is going to popularize the idea of social trading in crypto it will need more than a few decent traders to start using its platform. That explains why it’s offering some tempting incentives for those who sign up fast. It’s offering three prizes of $USDT5,000, $USDT3,000 and $USDT2,000 respectively for three lucky registrants who sign up and also promote the platform’s launch on Telegram or some other social media channel.

It’s also offering five $USDT1,000 prizes, with the winners chosen at random from the first 10,000 people who pre-register to use the platform and also follow NAGAX on both Twitter and Telegram.

Lastly, there will be a somewhat less tempting prize of $10 in BTC awarded to the first 2,000 registered users, with no strings attached. In all three promotions, the prizes will be credited to user’s NAGAX accounts once the platform is up and running on March 7.

Once NAGAX is up and running, the company promises its site will have plenty of educational content for new traders (besides the ability to just copy trade). In future, NAGAX says it will evolve to become a more comprehensive web3 platform, with NFT content and trading, spot and futures markets, staking and more.


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