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A Metaverse Full of Opportunities

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What started as just an idea is now just a few weeks away from becoming a reality. Beholding a metaverse full of opportunities, Universe Island is a play-to-earn game offering its players a classic yet thrilling third-person, 1vs1 shooting theme experience. However, a significant addition to this game to feed the NFT craze in today’s market while also taking your gaming experience to a whole new level is the NFT integration and story-driven experience meant to be enjoyed by the players.

Upon hearing “story-driven”, players can expect not just a figurative meaning but also a literal one! What does that mean? Well, the team of Universe Island has gone an extra mile to not just deliver a game for its players but also plan an animated TV show on the side that supports the narrative of the mysteries of each island (map) beholds. One can anticipate the game to be launched soon with only a few maps/islands to explore, but as the game grows with time, the team plans on introducing a lot more maps and mysteries to uncover!

Apart from presenting an opportunity for people across the globe who enjoy mobile games to jump into an exciting, mysterious and ever-expanding metaverse with custom maps each with unique features and AI enemies, the team of Universe Island made sure to throw in a few treasures scattered around the maps for the true adventurers to explore and seek. The treasures that are scattered are additional bonuses dropped from UFOs during matches and can only be claimed upon winning apart from the standard reward for winning, i.e, the UIM Tokens.

UIM Tokens are the primary in-game tokens that fuel the play-to-earn economics of the game that are rewarded to players not just after winning matches, but also during matches in the form of two airdrops. Players in Universe Island would be the master of their own fate and be given various choices on how they would like to deal with their UIM Tokens.

Players could either use the tokens for buying in-app NFT collectibles for strengthening their heroes and thereby, increase their chance of winning and earning more rewards! They also could use it to trade NFT collectibles from the Universe Island NFT marketplace. They could also stake their UIM Tokens for staking rewards such as a chance to mint an infinity design card of NFT collectibles of differing rarity.

These UIM Tokens could also be used in the NFT marketplace to make payments without additional fees. However, the team of Universe Island has also provided the players with the option to make payments via BUSD but with some additional fees.

Having mentioned the NFT marketplace, it is a matter of great joy that the team of Universe Island was able to receive an audit and get a marketplace ready for the secure staking and also trading of their in-game NFTs exclusively. Correspondingly, they have also kept a part of the NFT market locked for staking to provide a safe place for players to stake their tokens at!

With the launch expected somewhere at the beginning of March, the team of Universe Island is excited and geared to deliver a game that would push the scope of mobile gaming while providing an extraordinary experience to all its players with unique features. From a thrilling and skill-oriented 1vs1 showdown, a walkthrough Metaverse Gallery for players to see and explore NFT collectibles in-game, an Open World, to be the first free-to-play game that lets their players watch their heroes come to life in their real-life environment with the implementation of Augmented Reality (AR) technology– Universe Island gives it all!

To all the gaming and crypto enthusiasts who wish to explore a limitless, action-packed metaverse while enjoying the incentive-based crypto rewards- hold onto your seats because Universe Island is right around the corner!





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