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4 fashion world side hustle ideas to help pay the bills

With bills going up, it's hard to find the money to spend on fashion. Make some extra cash instead, with a fashion world side hustle. The...
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When times are hard financially, many people turn to sprucing up their wardrobe as a form of escapism. Trends become bigger, bolder and turn over quickly. Not only this, online clothing businesses are thriving and overtaking in-person fashion companies.  All of this points to the fashion world being an ideal place for a side hustle.

With the fashion world having so many subcategories, how can you pick one? Read on to find out some of the best ways to set up a profitable side hustle, while still enjoying one of your passions.


1. Personal shopping side hustle with styling 

If you are the one advising your friends on pieces they like and graciously saving them from bad cases of buyer’s remorse, this may be your best option. There are various online courses available to take if you’re serious about this pathway. This can help you find the right clients.

Once you’ve done this, promoting your fashion world side hustle through social media is a great way to spread the word. Another good tip is to narrow down your brand and pick a niche, for example, a certain aesthetic or level of quality.

A simple way to create a personal shopping side hustle is to use fashion selling apps such as Depop or Vinted to sell targeted fashion bundles. This is where you purchase a set of clothes, shoes and accessories in the same style and sell them on for a set price. You can do this before speaking to a client, or after consulting with them. You can even clear out a bit of space in your wardrobe this way. As long as the pieces all match, you’re set.

Take this a step further and offer personal styling to build and diversify your side hustle, and make more money.

2. Selling on fashion

Can’t get enough of riffling through charity shops, thrift stores or flea markets to find hidden gems? Selling these pieces on could be your way of making extra cash and paying some bills. If your heart is set on finding high-end pieces, or pieces of a certain style, perhaps do some research on second-hand shops in your area that carry these types of items.

Similar to the previous option, it may be useful to decide on a target market group or aesthetic to ensure a steady flow of loyal customers for your side hustle.

When finding items to sell, have a look into the latest fashion trends using the internet or magazines to know what to look for. Next, see whether you can purchase some cheaper and more unique vintage alternatives. It’s also important to establish roughly how much you’ll make from something before you buy it. Check for marks or damage and estimate what it could cost to ship to its new owner.

A credit card with 0% interest on purchases could allow you to invest in your side hustle to get it up and running until you make a profit.


3. A customised side hustle

Do you enjoy creating unique and one-of-a-kind pieces? Customising and thrift-flipping items is a fool-proof method of fashion-based income. Always try to look for the best price to quality balance when purchasing materials. If you have your own online shop, it’s a great idea to find a style that is timeless but can be adapted to varying trends and aesthetics. 

You can get away with buying damaged or stained pieces as you can always fix them and cover up imperfections with an interesting design. Inspiration is readily available on sites such as Pinterest. Sites you can use to sell your exclusive pieces include Etsy, eBay, Folksy, Depop and Vinted.

4. Be a fashion world influencer

Side hustles can exist almost entirely on social media. A fashion world online business can fit right into your life if you’ve got a busy schedule. One of the options in this category is influencing. Although you will need a large portion of luck, influencing can get you a decent amount of free apparel, at least.

Use it as a jumping-off point for the other ideas in this list, as it can gather interest for your side hustle. Someone is more likely to purchase your products or services if they already see you as stylish. When customers see your personality first, they’re more likely to trust you as a seller.

You could also manage a social media account for a small fashion business. If you want a side hustle in the fashion world, there are lots of courses online to help with social media skills.

If you’re used to overspending on your credit card, a fashion world side hustle may be the best way to monetise your style skills.

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