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3 unusual ways to cut down your energy bills!

Worried about the energy price cap increase? Ruby Layram shares three unusual ways to cut your energy bills that you may not have considered! The...
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In April, the energy price cap is set to increase by a massive 54%. As a result, the monthly cost of your energy is set to seriously increase. However, some Brits may be able to minimise their monthly payments by reducing energy and water usage. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to mean going back to the dark ages! There are a number of savvy ways you can cut down your energy bills without giving up on any modern luxuries.

If you’re worried about the rising cost of living and want to reduce your payments, here are three unusual ways to cut your energy and water bills.


1. Change your shower head

If you have a shower that takes water directly from your boiler, you may want to consider making a change. According to Energy Saving Trust, switching to a regulated, energy-efficient shower head could reduce your water consumption by 40 litres per shower! These showerheads work to reduce water usage without affecting the pressure of your shower by aerating the water.

However, regulated shower heads cannot be used for electric showers. If you do have an electric shower, you can reduce your water bill by simply cutting down your showering time. A good way to do this is to purchase a shower timer. Simply, set yourself enough time for a good wash and make a habit of leaving your shower as soon as the timer goes off. As a result, you will reduce your water bill by cutting the amount of water that you use. 

2. Switch to an Android phone

Yes, you read that right! It turns out that the brand of phone you use has an impact on your energy usage. Newer models of Android phones use AMOLED – a feature that saves energy every time your screen has a black background.

The more popular iPhone is yet to feature AMOLED. As a result, iPhone users may need to charge their devices more frequently than those who have an Android phone. Phone chargers use around 2.24 Watts of energy for each charge, so the less time you spend charging your phone the better!


3. Use a cooler wash

You may not realise it, but the temperature you wash your clothes at has a huge impact on your utility bill. Simply turning the temperature of your washing machine down from 40 to 30 degrees could save you a lot of money. This is because less energy will be required to heat the water.

You could also consider swapping your tumble dryer for a heated airer. Tumble dryers cost around 37.50p per hour to run whilst heated airers cost just 13.75p per hour. This is a saving of more than 50%! 

Other energy-saving changes

Saving money on your electricity bills isn’t just about big changes. Simple swaps, such as timing your showers, can make a huge difference to the amount you spend! In a time when energy bills are expected to double, now is the perfect time to start adopting energy-saving habits into your daily life.

You may also want to consider switching your supplier to make sure that you’re getting the best deal. 

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